The Turn Around of the Atlanta Hawks


Just a couple of years ago, the Atlanta Hawks were one of the least financially viable teams in the NBA. Bruce Levenson decided to buy the franchise and work to turn it around. In a little under a decade he was able to take the Atlanta Hawks to new heights. There are several ways in which Bruce Levenson was able to turn his team around. First of all, he wanted to make sure the fans were enjoying the product on the court. The higher the fan support, the higher the ticket sales will be over the long run. In addition, Bruce Levenson knew that he had to invest money in the team’s players up front in order to see the performance on the court increase.

Player Investment

Any time an owner is trying to turn a team around, it is useful to look at how the team is currently performing and where they can do better. The NBA is an interesting league where one player can make all of the difference. Since there are only five players on the court at one time, it is difficult for teams to succeed without at least one great player. However, there is a premium on the best players in the league and teams should be ready to spend money to upgrade their roster. Teams can also be built up through the draft, but this takes many years to do.

Fan Support

Another vital aspect of turning around an NBA franchise is to get the fans on board. At the end of the day, running a sports team is all about getting the fans involved in the process. There are many people that have been able to turn a franchise around simply by connecting with the fans. In this case, Bruce Levenson went out of his way to make sure the fans were getting the product on the field that they wanted. There are few people that do not want their favorite team to succeed. Bruce Levenson knew that if the team started to win, the fan support and money would follow.

Bruce Levenson

There are very few NBA owners that have been able to turn around a franchise as quickly as he did. Not only does he love the sport, but he also loves interacting with the fans. In the city of Atlanta, the fans love their sports team and Bruce Levenson was able to tap in to this passion. His work is a great example of how much an NBA team can mean to a city of several million people. At the end of the day, his work is a great study in turning around a team.