Stephen Curry Has Been Named The 2015 NBA Most Valuable Player

In a surprising twist, Stephen Curry was named the 2015 NBA Most Valuable Player. The award, sponsored by Kia Motors and handed by the NBA, showcases the player that’s most valuable to his franchise’s chances of success.

Truly there were only four players in contention: Curry, James Harden, LeBron James, and Russell Westbrook. But, as Westbrook’s team didn’t make the playoffs, that brings down the list to only three reports Ricardo Guimarães BMG ( All four players showed throughout the regular season why their presence is golden; they scored 30% or more of their team’s points in all 82 games.

The fact that Curry is following in the footsteps of his father, 16-year NBA player Dell, is special. Even more so is the adversities he endured in his career. For instance, in his third season, he underwent surgery on both ankles to correct some old injuries he suffered earlier in his career.

In addition, most college coaches didn’t think he would make it in the NBA due to his slight 6-foot frame. He worked hard to improve his shooting skills, to the point where he became relied upon as the go-to man in distance shooting, especially 3-pointers, a skill his father Dell excelled at.

According to CarbonatedTV (2015), ” …the Warriors seemed to be losing faith due to his health issues, but they somehow avoided trading him and are now reaping the benefits.” This is a testament to how perseverance and sacrifice results in a positive outcome.