Alex Pall and His Successful Music Career.

Alex Pall is an artist from a Deejaying Duo called The Chainsmokers. They have released many hit songs which have even been featured on the Billboard. Alex Pall and his partner Taggart work on making their music better each day. Alex Pall grew up Deejaying since it was his hobby starting from when he was young. Alex was based in New York City where he had a little career going, and he had so much passion for it.

To him, whatever he was doing seemed more of fun compared to being a job. Alex Pall was in an art gallery at one time, and the thought of pursuing dance music crossed his mind since he felt that it was already consuming so much of his life.

He was introduced to Drew Taggart by his manager, and after they met, they started working on music right away. Drew moved from Maine to New York and Alex quit the job he was doing at the time, and that is where their careers started. Drew and Alex all had something that drove them towards music, and that is how they knew that their partnership would work and become successful.

Alex was keen to observe what was going on around at almost every moment and that helped them in advancing since he was able to recognize what was working and who had killed it and that gave him hopes of becoming successful. Through their keen observations, the duo was able to shape its identity.

They worked together almost every day since they knew that they had a lot to cover and learn. Pall and Taggart always worked hard so that they can create their brand and still because it was their music which was supposed to pay their bills. The music created by the duo helps people to connect to music more and more, and this is part of their achievement because it all wasn’t about making money, but it was also a journey of discovering one’s self. Pall says that their music enables them to socialize with many people including songwriters who always guide them whenever they are working on new songs. It is exciting for Pall as the duo continues to rise through the ranks in the music industry.

Sergio Cortes Is The Spitting Image Of Michael Jackson

The king of pop is dead. Long live the king of pop. But for people that love Michael Jackson and want to see his music performed just the way Michael did it, check out Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes. Cortes is widely hailed as the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator. And with good reason. Anyone that has seen Cortes perform live or viewed one of his videos on the internet will admit that Sergio Cortes looks, moves, and sings just like Michael Jackson. It uncanny to see two people that are not related look so much alike. For many it’s helped ease the pain of the untimely death of the king of pop.

There are many Michael Jackson impersonators. Most slather themselves with make-up, dress like Michael did, and try to mimic a few of his moves. Sergio Cortes takes it to an entirely different level. First of all, even without make-up he is a dead ringer for Michael Jackson. But it’s when you see him dance that you understand what all the excitement is about. Cortes has all Michael’s moves down pat. When he takes the stage and starts to perform, people lose their minds. Almost immediately they begin to feel like they’re watching the real Michael Jackson in action.

Sergio Cortes is a native of Barcelona, Spain. Ever since he was a child people always commented on how much he looked like Michael Jackson. He seemed to look more like Michael every day. Plus Cortes idolized Michael and practiced his dance moves all the time. They seemed to come natural to him. He executed them flawlessly. People came from miles around just to see him dance. By the time he was a teenager he was appearing on television and doing live shows all over Spain. He became a local celebrity. People even took pictures of him and sold them to the unsuspecting as pictures of the real Michael Jackson.

Soon stories about Sergio Cortes the Michael Jackson lookalike began appearing in newspapers and magazines throughout Spain. One reporter uploaded a video of Cortes mimicking Michael’s dance moves. Overnight Cortes became an international sensation. He looked, moved, and had gestures so much like Michael the king of pop himself once hired him.