FreedomPop’s Grand Entrance Into The UK Market

FreedomPop is a phenomenal US mobile provider that has recently introduced its services to the UK market. Its new move is expected to pose as a challenge to budget providers like Tesco Mobile and Talk Talk that have had complete dominion of the market. According to The Telegraph, the company has already set up in the new found market, and it is in the first phase of seeking for venture based international expansion plans.

In the UK, users are allowed to use the service after paying a one set up fee of £7 from where they can get basic monthly services of 200 call minutes, 200 MB data as well as 200 text messages. With time, the company aims to make better money by selling packages that are priced between £4.99 and £16.99 per month in the event that subscribers have exhausted their stipulated monthly allowances.

Being a company already known for being unique, it has introduced a new way for users to earn incentives after taking part and completing third-party market surveys. Similar with Tesco and Talk Talk, the company is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, and it does not operate on masts or other infrastructure. It will particularly target users who are price sensitive and those who operate on tight budgets. The company will be buying capacity from the Three Network from which it will sell and give customers for free.

According to its Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Stokols, more than half of the customers in the USA buy extra capacity. In the UK market, FreedomPop aims to reduce costs by sending as much traffic as it can to WiFi networks rather than into mobile networks. The company is already into deals with WiFi network companies that have more than five million hot spots for better access.

Its user signing up may also change since it has been used to signing users online, and it is currently in talks with two of the major street retailers for the same. FreedomPop was very optimistic that the reception in the UK would be great owing to the fact that more than quarter-million Britons expressed their interest even before the commercial launch was made.

However, the company may have to cap subscriptions during its first few months so as to experience better and steady growth. FreedomPop has and will continue to cause ripples not just in the US and the UK, but also in other parts of the world where it will launch its services; because they have been long overdue.