Real Estate Guru Nick Vertucci has Multiple Investment Strategies for Real Estate Success

Respected educator and renowned real estate Guru Nick Vertucci has multiple investment strategies to create real estate success for his students at NV Real Estate Academy. Mr. Vertucci founded NV Real Estate Academy to assist students, particular beginners in real estate investing, to establish themselves in the industry with a high level of education, resources, and financial backing to become successful in the real estate industry.

Nick Vertucci has developed educational resources that provide guidance in multiple real estate investment strategies that can provide tremendous returns on investment for the students that execute the proven strategies. One strategy that most beginners use to catapult their investing capital is from wholesaling and flipping contracts. The concept revolves around placing a contract on a property at one price and selling it to another buyer before the close date for the property. The majority of the real estate moguls use this strategy to generate great returns with little or no investment.

Another strategy closely aligned with the wholesaling and flipping contracts is rehabbing and flipping properties. Nick Vertucci teaches his students how to succeed in this strategy by buying a property at a discounted price and rehabbing the property and selling at a big profit margin. The third strategy is to buy and hold properties for the long-term cash flow that can come from properties that have a high gross profit in rents received minus the monthly cost of the investment property. The final investment strategy that Nick Vertucci, teaches is the investment in commercial properties. This is the investment in properties with 5 or more units in the building structure.

The commercial investment strategy is taught mainly to the more seasoned real estate investors because it takes more upfront capital and a higher real estate knowledge base to succeed in this investment strategy. Well, respected educator and renowned real estate investment guru Nick Vertucci has skillfully taught his students multiple investment strategies to create profitable real estate success.