Neurocore Looks to Expand its Use in Sports with Thrive

When Neurocore opened its doors in 2004 the neurotherapy provider did not have plans to enter the sports community. Their cutting edge brain training centers were all about promoting overall mental health and aiding individuals in overcoming debilitating conditions. Today, Neurocore is used in almost every major sports league. Players and teams utilize the mental conditioning programs to gain an extra edge.

As Neurocore promotes harmony of the mind and body it has unique way of providing gains to athletes. Up until now only the elites have been able to afford Neurocores beneficial training regimens. Now, with its new mobile platform Thrive, the Michigan-born company plans to offer its services to all. Thrive is a mobile app that brings the neurofeedback famously found in Neurocore training centers to any place a smartphone user happens to be standing.

The app provides brain based assessments that pinpoint particular problems with focus, stress, or conditions and how they relate to other systems in the body. Under the tutelage of brain coaches the software creates programs for users to follow to create gains. These gains optimize their minds and provide beneficial effect to the rest of their body. Most recently Thrive appeared at the Future of Soccer event in Florida. The technology was touted as a possible tool for coaches and players to better their prospective games. Click here.

A Few Tips On How You Can Handle A Challenging Boss At Neurocore

We have all been there. We have all worked with a boss that is a little “challenging” to say the least. Your boss at Neurocore might be too negative. No matter what you do, the person at Neurocore has nothing nice to say. They focus too much on the negative, and not enough on the positive. He or she may micromanage everything a little too obsessively. Read more about Neurocore at

I worked with someone like that. She used to micromanage everything. She focused on the little things, instead of the big picture plans. She did not trust us to do the job we were hired to do. It got old real quick.

Some of you might be in a similar situation. I have a few suggestions that might lay some of your grief to rest.

1) You need to make the distinction between a “bad boss” and a “weak boss.” There is a difference between the two. Watch what they do at Neurocore for a few days. You need to make sure your efforts of fixing them are worth it. It might not be in that person’s control. They might be reacting to something one of the exes at Neurocore implemented.

2) Identify what motives your boss to do some of the things they do. They might not care, but their boss might. They have to protect their job too. Your boss at Neurocore may be watching you because someone is watching them. Remember that everything trickles down from the top. The grief your boss gives you is not nearly as bad as the grief they get from their boss.


I have been through similar experiences. I know what you are going through.

3) Continue on as if nothing is happening. It is one of the better ways to defuse the situation. Your job at Neuroscore may be in jeopardy once you let it affect you. Your boss might not want to let you go, but his boss may. Do not give his boss that power.


I have been through some of the same situations myself. I am imparting this information so that it can serve you better. Remember that you cannot assume anything. There might be something happening that is bigger than you. Visit to know more about Neurocore.