Mayweather VS. Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather is the best of the best, but how do other boxers and trainers look upon his greatness/ according to many, Mayweather at the age of 19 looked like he had been in the game for 20 years already. His quickness and boxing awareness IQ propelled his career to where it is at right now.
In the 1996 Olympics, Mayweather should have won gold. Everyone who witnessed those games thought he did win gold, the match was corrupt and given to Serafim Todorov. Even when the decision was read, the referee threw up Mayweather’s arm because he clearly had a better match. This of course was on accident but still you get the point that Mayweather had deep potential even from a young age.
Even though he didn’t win the Gold in 1996, he won’t need it after Saturdays match. Around 180 million is up for grabs on May 2nd. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso ( know that it will defiantly be a great match up, with Pacquiao having tremendous power and being significantly younger gives him that advantage, but compared to Mayweather’s experience, complicated style and stupendous confidence, it will be one for the books ether way. As you all may know Floyd can switch up his style to accommodate the weakness of his opponent. Even if his opponent has been working on his weakness, Floyd can change up his style mid match to throw off what his opponent has been training for. All in all this could be one of the most impressive and entertaining events of the year and of Mayweather’s career.