Patty Rocklage; a Psychotherapist with the Key to a Successful Marriage

Marriage is an institution that is expected to bring happiness to the parties involved. Moreover, in the recent past, only a few are lucky to enjoy the happiness of their marriage. Today, many marriages are faced with many challenges, and only a few manage to keep with the strain.

In America, the story of marriage can never be complete without a single paragraph if not a chapter about Patty Rocklage. Her contributions in influencing happy marriages can never go unnoticed.

Patty Rocklage is a successful psychotherapist based in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Her interest in the marriage institution dates back in the early days, and this saw her join the prestigious University of Southern California to study psychology. Patty started her career as a psychotherapist specializing in marriages and family cases. Often, Patty says that seeing falling relationships take a course is a calling that she enjoys following.

Today, Patty Rocklage holds a 20-years’ experience in practice, an experience that equips her with skills to understand the various problems affecting the marriages. Through her dedication, Patty has emerged as a successful psychotherapist and has seen many couples build strong homes. According to Patty Rocklage, most of the today’s problems in marriage are influenced by poor communications and misunderstandings. Therefore, most of Patty’s therapies involve procedures meant to promote open interactions.

Due to the dynamic state of the world, problems affecting the marriage institution are also prone to change. Based on this, as a psychotherapist, Patty ensures that she stays posted with the world’s happenings through reading a lot rather than relying on the book information alone.

Through her knowledge, Patty has been in a position to transform many breaking marriages into healthy relationships. Besides, her therapies ensure that each member of the family enjoy the fruits of the engagements and also be in a position to handle future challenges successfully.

While not in the office, Patty Rocklage loves enjoying time with her family. However, when not in the office and away from home, Patty engages in various charitable acts.

Not long ago, together with her husband, Patty made a greater donation to MIT meant to facilitate the renovation of the building. Patty’s husband had earned his PhD from the Institute hence donation was the best way his family would give back to the institution.

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