Frans Schoeman: An Experienced Law Practicing Lawyer

Law is very wide and quite complicated, and so, handling legal matters requires someone with extensive experience. Frans Schoeman, a South African lawyer, boasts of an experience of over 25 years in practicing law, and he is currently the director at Phatsima Diamond. He has been representing plaintiffs in matters related to administrative law, labor law, debt recovery, municipal law, insolvency among other areas. And with him being equipped with adequate knowledge, experience as well as excellent legal skills, every client is guaranteed sound legal solutions and advice.

About His Career and Certifications

In 1990, Frans Schoeman on graduated with a degree in law from the University of Free State. When one is looking for a lawyer to represent them, one of the things they will look for is whether the legal expert belongs to law association in that particular country. In July 1990, Frans joined the legal society of South Africa, which makes him the kind to hire without having to worry being ripped off. He was later admitted to practice his career in the high court of the Republic of SA.

Schoeman has worked for a number of firms, incorporations, groups, and companies. His career life started in January 1990 when he joined Joubert Schoeman Attorneys as the head of this Law Practice. He has been working for the firm for over 25 years now, and he is still the director of the firm. In April 1999 to April 2000, he worked for Hfmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Inc as an attorney practicing law in different fields of expertise. In March 2001, he started working as a legal director at TG Minster Group to present.

In October 2005, he joined Phatsima Diamond Corporation where he has been helping them in handling legal issues regarding drafting and negotiating contracts. He also deals with legal issues related to mergers and acquisitions in addition to offering the firm with general legal advice as needed.

Reasons Schoeman is the right lawyer to hire

Schoeman affords quality professional engagement to his client’s matters. This means that, with him, it is never tentative plaintiffs will get the legal help they need or even get it in substandard measures. So whether the client is looking for corporate, commercial or business legal assistance, Frans has great stamina as well as the expertise to offer them legal services beyond their expectations.

Other areas that Frans has interest in

While the law is his area of his concentration, Schoeman has a strong passion in other areas of South African arts and culture, advocating for education to youngsters, as well as maintaining the environment.

Schoeman believes that every human should be accorded their rights and law should be followed whenever there is a violation of human rights.