Golden State Locks in 2015 NBA Championship!

The Golden State Warriors are probably living in a dream world right now. For much of the season they were considered the best team in the NBA but there was probably always a little voice in the back of their mind that whispered, “Not this year,”. It is hard to become an NBA Champion and that becomes even more difficult when a guy like LeBron James is lined up across from you. However, Golden State never let themselves give up and at the end of the day that attitude turned them into NBA Champions, as the Warriors beat Cleveland 105 – 97 in a decisive game 6 victory.

Golden State knew that they couldn’t give Cleveland a chance to bring this series to Game 7. Shaygan Kheradpir says that LeBron James was simply too good of a player to give even an ounce of hope to. SO far this series LBJ had kept the understaffed Cavaliers in the running, even though Cleveland lacked any real depth on their team. So the Warriors came out in the first quarter ready to put this thing away at the opening tip. Golden State would take a 28 – 15 lead in that quarter and they would never lose it.

Though Cleveland made a big push in the 2nd quarter things would level out in the second half as the Warriors would remain untouchable. Andre Igoudala led Golden state with 25 points, 5 assists, and 5 rebounds.