Kansas City Royals Fan Shows off Childish Behavior

The cameras caught an act of kindness between fans until the woman though that the cameras were no longer focused on her. On Saturday the Kansas City Royals played a game between the New York Yankees at their home field at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. During that game, a fly ball flew out into the stands and into the hands of a lucky fan. Many had their mitts out, including a group of young boys who were hoping to make the catch. Instead, an unidentified blonde woman made the big catch and showed off in front of the cameras by kissing her biceps according to Boraie Development. Then, while the cameras were still trained on her, she handed the ball off to the young fan behind her in an act of kindness. Turns out, it really was just an act.

According to the story on The Daily Mail, the woman then demanded the ball back from the boy after she thought the cameras were focused elsewhere. The video on the site clearly shows the woman saying “give me my ball back” to someone near her.

I would really hope that the woman was not talking to the young boy that she passed the ball to, but who else could it be. I hope that she is ashamed of her behavior in this video and acts more mature during future games.