Mike Richards Contract Terminated for Breach

Reports came out yesterday that the Los Angeles Kings were parting ways with center Mike Richards. The Kings acquired Richards from the Philadelphia Flyers back in 2011 when Richards was producing for the Flyers. Since his acquisition, Richards has not exactly lived up to the hype or the paycheck. The Kings released Richards in an attempt to get out from under a huge contract which would require the Kings to pay him until the year 2024. The contract, which was signed by Richards while playing for the Flyers, was for 12 years and a total of $69 million dollars. Richards’s production bottomed out once he put on a Kings uniform and he only had 16 points for the Kings last year.

Fans at Boraie Development know that it has come out now that the Kings terminated his contract because of a “material breach” committed by Richards. The Kings however are not willing to release any further details. According to league sources, the current collective bargaining agreement allows teams to terminate a contract in a player should ”fail, refuse, or neglect to obey the club’s rules governing training and conduct.” Dean Lombardi, General Manager for the LA Kings, has criticized Richards for his poor fitness in the past. It can only be assumed that this may be what got Richards contract terminated. This one is far from over as the NHL Players Association will have to take a look at all of the details to determine what course of action Richards has.