Executive Kevin Seawright Recognized By Notre Dame Executive Leadership Program

Financial guru Kevin Seawright just received a prestigious award from the University of Notre Dame. The Chief Financial Officer of the Community Econonic Development Corporation (CEDC) recently completed the second part of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program at the University of Notre Dame Medoza College of Business. This executive leadership program is part and parcel to Seawright’s job at the CEDC.

Kevin Seawright says he has always understood the importance of actively serving within governmental agencies and neighborhood communities. He says he is now determined to use what he’s learned to align himself with organizations to ensure that the communities of Newark are strengthened and empowered.

The program was designed specifically to help executive navigate through the often complex world of non-profits. The course also outlines the structure of non-profit boards and instructs individuals on how to successfully run boards. The program takes a hands-on approach that includes training, organization, evaluation and how to successfully pick board members.

After the completion of Phase 2, Seawright was awarded with a Certificate of Achievement as identified on his Twitter. Kevin Seawright has deep roots within the public and private sector. He spent 13 years working as a financial officer for several state and federal entities within the city of Baltimore. Seawright notably implemented an accounting system that saved the city $100,000. When the CEDC decided to reopen under new leadership, Seawright was the obvious choice to fill the Chief Financial Officer seat.

Seawright says he has a certain vision for the future. He is hoping that his years of hard work will carry over into his role at the CEDC. As Seawright looks forward to his final phase of the program, he plans to continue his role as CFO of the CADC and stay active within the local community. Seawright serves on many local boards and is also a member of the Babe Ruth Museum.  Further reading can be done on WorldClassMagazines website, for the full interview with Kevin Seawright.