Igor Cornelsen Offers Simple But Effective Investment Advice

Retired Brazilian banker and businessman Igor Cornelsen is one of the world’s best known and most successful investment advisors. He is known for making countless people wealthy by showing them how to successfully invest in natural resources-rich South American country. Over the course of his decades long career, Cornelsen has created a number of investment rules that have helped him to generate great wealth for himself and many others. These rules are not based on complex mathematical formulas. They are simple advice that anyone can understand and implement as part of their investment strategy.


Do Not Lose Money


All investments come with the risk that people can lose their money. But Cornelsen’s number one rule is if an investment begins to lose money, then the investor should get rid of it as soon as possible. Making money is the reason why people invest. Rather than let an investment drain your resources, Cornelsen recommends offloading it and putting the money saved into another investment that shows more potential.


Start Investing As Soon As Possible


Time is one of the most important elements when growing investment income. The best course of action is for people to begin investing as early as possible. This means the younger the age a person is when they begin investing, the better their chances of having that investment grow into a significant amount. Even if the person isn’t very young, they should begin investing their money as soon as they can . This will enable them to maximize the return they earn on it.


Diversify Your Portfolio


It’s good strategy for every investors to try to create a diversified portfolio. This can go a long way towards minimizing their risk of losing all their money. By working to create a diversified portfolio the investor will increase their ability to get more revenue by having several different sources of income. A smart investor should combine some safe investments that may only provide a small return with a few high risk, high reward investments. This combination is the type of diversified portfolio that can provide significant income for the investor.


Get an Adviser


Igor Cornelsen also says when someone first begins investing, having an advisor is wise. The investment advisor can teach them the keys to understanding the market and give them valuable tips. Once they gain a little experience, they can begin to make investment decisions on their own.