Online Reputation Strategy 101: Own Your Name Domain TDL

What most professionals dread most, perhaps, is a stain on their names, organizations or business entities. Many times, libelous statements are inadvertently made of their operations which can lead to serious damage being done to any branding efforts a professional has been involved in.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Name

Devising a domain-owning strategy to help protect one’s name is perhaps the most vital thing a business owner or professional can do today.

– Let’s begin with the most commonly used method: setting up several websites with your name and variations of your name. In short, Johnsmith.COM.

Of course, a .COM top level domain (TLD) is the most commonly used, but you’re not limited to .COM as you already probably know. Really, Johnsmith.NET, Johnsmith.BIZ and other designated TLDs are just as effective.

What can you use as content? Well, just about anything there is. One’s online resume, network profiles such as Facebook pages, LinkedIn and other social media outlets and even video presentations, all vie for being excellent places for use for your name TDL.

– Let’s say your name is immensely common and already taken, such as our John Smith.COM in our example above. By adding a mere few letters at the end of your name, to qualify your profession such as a CEO, serves just as well. For instance, JohnsmithCEO.COM or JohnsmithHANDYMAN.BIZ. However, using a .NET, .INFO or .ORG TDL is equally effective.

– Keyworded TLDs are great ways for professionals to strategically defuse any possible attack against your name. Attorneys may use .LAWYER or .ATTORNEY and physicians may use .HEALTHCARE, or .SURGERY. The same can be said for other professions such as .ACCOUNTANT, .ACTOR, .CONTRACTORS, .DENTIST, .BANKER, .REALTOR and many others.

– Geographic TLDs are currently very popular as well. Beckysharp-Miami.COM is one way to do it. Beckysharp.Miami.BIZ is yet another way.

The important thing is to strategically plan a preemptive tactic to ward off either professional vendettas, or competitive assaults. Whatever strategy you use, use it wisely for best results, and get your name protected as soon as possible.