Securus Technology Contributions to the Prison Industry

Securus Technology is a reputable private organization that is responsible for offering inmates civil and criminal technology services. The institution is considered to be among the leaders in the competitive inmate communication industry. Securus Technology is based in Dallas, and it currently serves more than one million individuals in America.


Last year in October, the private firm published some of the comments they had received from their long term customers. The comments were feedbacks concerning the use of the technology and communication solutions from the company. According to the comments, Securus Technologies had done a lot to enhance public safety, monitoring of the inmate activities, speeding up the investigation activities and improving the communication between families and friends.


Most of the company clients say that Securus Technologies has played a fundamental role in solving the tough crimes in the prisons, and this has made the jail time better and also safer. To safeguard the safety of the clients, the private institution did not publish the names of the states, facilities and counties of the customers.


Richard Smith, the chairman and president of the successful company, says that the company was working hard to develop better and more products every week to help agents and prison officials to solve crimes. Smith added that his company was always receiving emails and letters, congratulating them because of making sure that the inmates, their loved ones and other parolees are safe all the times.


A large number of the clients said that it was now easy to spot any corruption dealings in the company, thanks to the application and services provided by Securus Technologies. The institution had also worked hard to make sure that drugs and alcohol are not sold or used in the prison facilities. Some of the most complex crimes had been solved in the recent past because of the help of Securus Technology.



Protecting Public Safety with Securus Technologies Video Visitation

One of the most dangerous jobs in the United States, and around the world, is that of a corrections officer. With budget cuts, the safety of corrections officers on the federal, state, and local level in the United States becomes of a greater concern.


Securus Technologies is an industry leader in a wide array of different technological solutions to aid in the operation of correctional departments. Included in this spectrum of technologies is the Video Visitation solution.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system permits an incarcerated offender the ability to have meaningful interaction with friends and family members through virtual visitation. The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system currently is being used in about 178 correctional agencies in the United States at this juncture in time.


A reality of a correctional institution is that the safety of on-duty officers is always at risk. One area in which the risk is heightened is when members of the public are brought into a correctional facility for visitation with offenders.


Correctional officers are faced with task of closely monitoring inmates and visitors. This must be done in close proximity of those involved in visitation.


In addition, during visitation, contraband becomes a problem. Time and again, visitors will smuggle contraband to their inmate loved ones, who in turn bring these items into the institution itself. This can include everything from drugs to mobile phones.


Smuggled contraband puts inmates and correctional officers at risk. However, items like mobile phones also put the community as a whole at risk. In the 21st, incarcerated gang members continue their illegal operations even while incarcerated with the aid of mobile devices smuggled into correctional facilities via in-person visitation.


The use of Video Visitation from Securus Technologies eliminates the potential for contraband smuggling. This result lessens the threat to safety within and without correctional facilities in the United States.


Securus Technologies Certifies Specialists

In a recent PR Newswire article, it was announced that eleven of Securus Technologies field specialists had been awarded the prestigious certification offered by the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). This is an indication of the quality of work being done by Securus Technologies. Read the full PR Newswire story here: Field Specialist Certification

Securus Technologies has been at the forefront of implementing audio/video communication systems between inmates and the general public. This form of communication is radically different from normal phone conversations. It must be secure, and the conversations must be recorded for prison staff to reference in case of any illegal activity taking place during the conversation. With the advent of voice and video communication using Internet pathways, these in-depth conversations can take place between family members spanning great distances with one end of the conversation taking place in a prison facility. But this communication serves a deeper more meaningful purpose because it serves to connect persons convicted of criminal activity to their friends and families. This familiar connection is vital if rehabilitation is to take place. When an inmate realizes that there is a caring support system outside the prison walls, only then will that inmate want to pay for the crime and reenter society at the conclusion of his sentence.

Prisons exist to protect society from those who chose not to obey the laws and also to rehabilitate the prisoner. Prison staff and programs make it possible for that person to re-enter society at some time in the future. Recidivism rates prove that rehabilitation is not totally effective, but with the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) used by Securus Technologies, there is hope for the future.


Keep In Touch With Your Loved Ones With The Securus App

One of the leading providers in technology and communication for the criminal justice system is expanding its operations. With services that include inmate communication monitoring and software integration and a variety of products that number about 800, Securus Technologies has decided that it is time for a new vice president of sales. John Bell officially accepted his post on December 30 2015 and is on track to implement decades of experience to his new position. The company has invested millions of dollars into new and innovative products that they intend to introduce to a growing list of items they already provide to the criminal justice system.

Setting goals

Securus Technologies has been under the capable hands of Josh Conklin who has continued to steer it into a prosperous future. With aspirations of expansion and a list of goals that could only be considered as impressive the company felt it would serve its clients more responsibly with the addition of John Bell. Some of the goals they set for themselves include adding greater responsibility to the technology center. Build on their sales program and making it a force to be reckoned with. Provide greater opportunities to their clients in the form of bundled products. They also look forward to more one and one encounters with the clients on a more frequent basis.

The company

Technology has touched many corners of our life and Securus is determined to see that they do their part to bring it even closer. Communications is an important part of technology and that should never be restricted to people of the free world. The contributions employed by Securus is focused on the criminal justice system and those items are state of the art. This Dallas based corporation has played a vital part in ensuring that inmates have easy access to their loved ones since 1986 from within the walls of their confinement.

Their newest video visitation software has been a gift to many loved ones of inmates. The Securus app has been downloaded more than 60,000 times since its recent release and the numbers continue to climb thanks to their new iOS release for Apple products. This secure platform allows inmates to video chat with their loved ones from any where they have cell service as the service accesses the app and works from any smartphone or device that connects to the internet with video capabilities. To see how the app works for yourself, download it here:

The future

Most of us on the outside may take some of the benefits of being able to see and touch our loved ones for granted. The moment they are incarcerated personal lifestyles change and commuting to the place they call home becomes a stressful experience. With more than 1.2 million inmates being affected and family members almost always having access to a computer Securus Technologies has decided to implement their app to make it easier for face-to-face encounters with their loved ones. Securus takes their responsibilities very seriously and that is especially true when it comes to communications between inmates and their loved ones.

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