Parents are a Big Factor with Rocketship Education

Many educators, administrators and teachers all agree that parents are important to the education system. This is especially true for children at the elementary level. When children are receiving their elementary education, it sets a foundation for the rest of their school career. Parents will have to work hard to ensure that their children are understanding the material and that they are behaving correctly while in school.

Rocketship Education is a charter school that began in Redwood City, California. John Danner and Preston Smith founded this charter school organization in 2007. The school was founded to give parents within low-income communities an alternative place to educate their children. Public schools within low-income communities typically do not perform well in terms of state testing and student behavior. Many low-income parents would like to send their children to other places to receive a high-quality education. They just cannot take this action because they lack the money to pay for a charter school.

Rocketship Education charter school puts power back into the hands of parents. When these schools are built within a low-income community, parents who reside there can personally see the school through its various construction phases. They also have input into what type of teachers will be educating their children. Yes, they are a part of the hiring process for their children. Teachers will have to be interviewed by administrators and the parents of the students that they will instruct.

Rocketship schools also encourage parental involvement. Remember, most impoverished public schools, lack parental involvement. The sad fact is that a good education is not important for everyone. However, Rocketship parents have shown more interest in their child’s school and their learning process. This plays a critical role in helping children to be successful and academically strong.

Behavior is also a problem at many low-income schools. Parents are key to keeping school behavior under control. Rocketship Education parents typically do not tolerate bad behavior out of their children. While child behavior is under control at Rocketship schools, that does not mean that every student is perfect. Rocketship is not quick to get rid of a child unless they have exhausted all standard options with correcting a child’s unruly conduct. Parents make a difference with their child’s education and Rocketship knows this be true.