Visual Search Grows In The Online E-Commerce World

Visual search technology is incredibly simple in concept and highly profound in impact. Through visual search, people can replace the traditional process of typing in keyword search terms. Instead, copies of images are utilized for searches. Consumers and retailers really should rejoice about this new software that could become the wave of the future.

Tech Crunch has published an extensive article on the ways in which business is soon to be transformed thanks to the arrival of visual search technology. The article points out that technology designed to analyze images in a crystal clear manner is being developed and advanced. Technology ranges from programs designed to describe images for the visibly impaired to search systems intended to help businesses.

The incredibly successful startup Slyce reflects the direction visual search technology is going. The company originally devised a smartphone image-capture app intended for running photos through affiliated websites. This new method of searching for products proved to be a big hit with users. Companies working with Slyce’s app are pleased with the results as well and the numbers are growing. A recent Yahoo! article detailed the rollout of new apps and programs from Slyce, and the list is impressive.

The business aspect of visual search technology presents mostly upsides for all involved. Customers do not like to be weighed down by cumbersome purchasing steps. The growth of e-commerce is linked, not surprisingly, to the consistent consumer desire for easier purchasing.

Visual search technology helps with this process and could possibly stimulate even more purchases. Customers who run an image search may discover far greater expanded results than would be the case with simply typing words into a search box. Expanded results means more merchandise is going to be displayed to the customer. Increased purchases are possible ( Based on reports from retailers currently using the technology, increased purchases and boosted revenue are being reported.

That leads to another point. Customers are not the only ones who benefit from the arrival of visual search technology. Retailers have much to gain financially. Upon learning this, more retailers are sure to integrate visual search software into their online platforms.

Social media sites are also integrating visual search technology into their platforms. Although commerce is not promoted directly by social media sites, the introduction of visual search to members makes them more likely to utilize such searches when visiting an e-commerce venue. In time, visual searches will be part of all e-commerce and social media platforms. Why wouldn’t they be.