The Renaissance Of Goettl Air

Ken Goodrich is a renowned entrepreneur, with a reputation of restoring the operations of falling companies. Having noticed that the reputable HVAC firm Goettl was going on its knees, he decided to come to the rescue. This was not his first time to try resuscitating a falling giant, but it proved to the most challenging task he has ever undertaken. The company had changed ownership several times, and most importantly it was unprofitable, and workers had no motivation at all.


The first step towards the renaissance was to eradicate issues caused by the immediate former proprietors. The firm was going through hard times, as the previous owners had legal disputes, which significantly harmed the institution’s public image. According to Goodrich, he had never had such an intense experience.


Ken’s vast experienced was hugely beneficial in restoring the name of Goettl. He started off by motivating staff and enhancing customer’s experience. He did this by interacting directly with his employees, educating them on the necessity of treating clients elegantly. Also, Goodrich oversaw the establishment of philanthropic initiatives, such as providing water to the homeless and supporting war veterans.


The business changed its priorities, focusing on pleasing customers, rather than making huge profits. This strategy brought unprecedented success, with the client base witnessing exponential growth. Since Goodrich took over, the enterprise has grown five-fold, with revenues going up to record-breaking heights of fifth million dollars.


About Goettl


Goettl Air has a long-standing legacy in the air conditioning industry, having operated for close to eight decades. It was established by two siblings with the aim of combatting the extreme temperatures experienced during summer in Phoenix, Arizona. The company has since become a leading provider of HVAC services.


Currently, the business in under the stewardship of Ken Goodrich, who acquired the franchise in 2013. Ken has bolstered the firm’s reputation, which had been endangered due to bad management by the previous owners.