Shiraz Boghani–Executive Well Diversified

Shiraz Boghani has managed to acquire over 30 years experience in hospitality management. In 1969, he began working in the United Kingdom as an accounting associate. He was from Kenya, so this was a challenge for him.

Boghani is managing partner of the Splendid Hospitality group with hotels all over the United Kingdom. Over the years, Boghani built a successful business empire with 20 hotels in the United Kingdom.

The Grand Hotel in York

Under the guidance of Shiraz Boghani, The Grand Hotel was redesigned at a cost of 15 million dollars. This 5-star hotel is considered one of the UK finest hotels. After the renovation, they increased the room to over 200. The restaurant can accommodate over 140 guests and they also lavishly updated the hotel spa.

Holiday Inn Northhampton West

Nestled in the countryside of Flore, the Holiday Inn Northhampton West is a testament to Boghani’s vision. This hotel received a 2 million dollar facelift that added 13 bedrooms and upgraded 66 other rooms. They designed the public spaces, so they can have a modern and fresh appeal. They wisely added a gym and conference center to appeal to the active business client.

Sussex Health Group Limited:

Boghani teamed up with the Sussex Health Care Limited in order to expand his influence and business opportunities. The Sussex Health Group operate with the mission of assist older individual that a frail which requires some rehabilitation. They run and operate facilities in and around the United Kingdom. They also care for an individual with dementia and Alzheimers in their care facilities. They have grown to operate 18 care facilities with about 500 patients under their care.

Awards and Honors:

In 2016, Shiraz Boghani was awarded Hotelier of the year by the Asian Business Awards which signifies Boghani commitment to excellence in the hospitality industry. Boghani has the fastest-growing hotels in the United Kingdom that privately owned.

In summary, Shiraz Boghani has worked tirelessly to achieve his level of success. He started his career in accounting while new to the UK. He built a well-established hotel brand which is the UK fastest growing hotels. Boghani diversified his business opportunities by partnering alongside Sussex Health Group which operates facilities all over the UK. He has received awards that recognized his outstanding achievements in the hospitality industry. Boghani has strong ties to the community, and he supports charitable organizations.