Handy Provides Security And Convenience

In this busy age it is often difficult to find the time and energy for maintaining a house, apartment, vacation home or rental unit. Cleaning, dripping faucets, painting and even simple tasks such as putting together a newly purchased bookcase may seem daunting and time consuming. Hiring strangers to come into your home when you may not be able to be there is also a matter of concern. There is also the problem of finding reliable, trustworthy service providers. Who has the time and resources to run background checks on a cleaning crew or handyman?
Security concerns are taken care of by Handy. The service providers sent to your home are professional and, most importantly, are rigorously examined with extensive background checks. They are competent in their field and are equipped with the tools needed for almost all contingencies.
The saying “there’s an app for that!” is becoming more and more accurate. Handy is a company that will take care of the logistics of home maintenance for you, and yes, there is an app for that. Your IPhone can be used to book their services, pay for it and schedule at your convenience. Their website offers the same services.
Their app or website allows you to find help in your zip code and obtain a price quote for your individual needs. How many rooms, when you want it done, a price quote based on services needed and the size of your home are all right there. Once you have agreed to the particulars your credit card can be used to safely arrange payment and be on file for future orders. Your credit card information is safe with Handy on crunchbase and all work is satisfaction guaranteed.
Although Handy is best known for cleaning services that is not all they provide. Simple repairs, painting, light electrical, help with moving, all the tasks a handyman provides and even laundry can be arranged with the same guarantee. If you have a rental property this is the best and least time-consuming way to keep it in good shape, and if you are using this service for your home it is the answer for all of us with little time.
Handy is a rapidly growing company with locations in 27 different cities. An increasingly busy lifestyle and demand for reliable, convenient help for maintaining homes is going to continue to provide the incentive for more locations. Handy is truly an idea whose time has come.