Dr. Villanueva Positively Impacts the Dental Health Industry by Founding the MB2 Dental

The field of health is made up of many categories among them being dental health. With that said, health practitioners can specialize in fields such as being a dentist. Many individuals have taken up dentistry as a profession and among the renowned dentists is Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. As a dentist who is passionate about his profession, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has even taken it upon himself to launch MB2 Dental.

Background Information

MB2 Dental has been thriving over the years, and the organization has an employee base of 533 employees. As an entity that is entirely dedicated to offering quality services, the MB2 Dental is set to continue their streak of excellence which is as a result of the excellent leadership within the company. Additionally, since the company is not oriented towards making increasing their profit margins, MB2 Dental is geared towards revolutionizing the manner in which dental health services are offered.

As for MB2 Dental, Dr. Villanueva founded the organization and made sure that it has adhered to offering personal growth, support, and autonomy. By adhering to innovations, MB2 Dental is able to improve the lives of the patients who seek dental health services at the organization.

The Birth of MB2 Dental

Dr. Villanueva acknowledges that after attaining his academic credentials as a dentist, he had two options which entailed either working as a dentist for any institution that offered dental services or establishing his own company that would offer dental services. In between this two options, Dr. Villanueva saw it fit to establish his own company, and that is how MB2 Dental came to life. By establishing the MB2 Dental Solutions, Dr. Villanueva decided to revolutionize the dental industry by making sure that the needs of the patient always come first.

So far, MB2 Dental has been doing a great job, thanks to the oversight that has been offered over the years by Dr. Villanueva. Additionally, Dr, Villanueva works side by side with like-minded individuals who are smart and productive. Dr. Villanueva goes ahead and acknowledges that it is good to always make sure that the people you work with are inspire at all times so that they may give maximum input while working within the organization. According to Dr. Chris Steven, employers should hire a team that understands the requirements of the job instead of focusing on micromanagement. That way, it will be easier for them to build an empire.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich contributes mightily to the field of plastic surgery

Many people think of plastic surgery as being something indulged in by rich, aging socialites who want to recapture their lost glory days. But the truth is that this field is a crucial part of the modern medical system. Plastic and reconstructive surgery play a crucial role in the rehabilitation and restoral to health of patients who have suffered crippling injuries and debilitating diseases. It can give patients who have lost all hope, due to bad circumstances, a new lease on life.

Perhaps no one has contributed more to this important field than Dr. Rod Rohrich. Dr. Rohrich was a somewhat unlikely candidate to become one of the most respected plastic surgeons in the world. He grew up in the most rural stretches of North Dakota, amid landscapes that had changed little since the time when they were ruled over by the Lakota Sioux warriors. Plains and cornfields stretch as far as the eye can see, and in many counties, cattle outnumber people.

But Dr. Rohrich wasn’t satisfied with the slow, easygoing lifestyle of North Dakota. After graduating from North Dakota State with a graduate degree in biology, he was accepted to Baylor University’s Medical School. There, he quickly distinguished himself as an excellent student, graduating, four years later, with the highest honors.

He applied to and was accepted into the University of Michigan Medical Center’s residency program. While there, he learned his trade quickly. He decided to specialize in facial reconstruction surgery, a branch of plastic surgery that deals more with the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered horrendous accidents. Dr. Rohrich was interested in the power of plastic surgery to give patients who were dealt a tough hand a new chance at a fulfilling life. He later completed residencies at Oxford University’s medical school in England as well as a stint at the Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts.

All the while he had distinguished himself as one of the most capable plastic surgeons of his generation. He was eventually recruited by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, where he quickly rose through the ranks.

Dr. Rohrich went on to have one of the most impressive careers of any plastic surgeon in the United States. He has presented over 900 scientific talks at various medical forums and has authored over 300 published scientific papers. He has also authored more than 30 chapters in medical textbooks and is credited with the invention of dozens of unique, life-saving procedures.

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Dr. David Samadi – The Innovative Robotic Surgeon

Dr. David Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York. Dr. Samadi is a certified urologist who diagnosis and treats male related cancers like prostate, bladder, kidney, and other urologic diseases. His tool is through robotic machinery which he developed. Dr. Samadi also treats problems that causes incontinence for a better sexual quality of life. He has performed over 800 laparoscopic procedures using his robotic devices, all with a considerable success rate.

He lectures and trains other urologists on the use of robotic surgical systems which he has perfected. During a recent interview with Dr. Samadi, he was asked that if he had to describe what he does for a living, he simply said that he diagnosis and effectively treats prostate cancer through special robotic machinery while preventing several types of risky side effects.

Dr. Samadi was asked what his greatest robotic accomplishment would be. He answered that it was his “SMART,” device which stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. David stated that he created this robotic machinery to more precisely operate without any nerve damage. With SMART, patients do not experience incontinence or other side effects after prostate surgery. Dr. Samadi stated that his robotic devices are not massed produced, instead his patients and peers talk about his robotic work which he says is great free advertisement.

David Samadi has financial advice for people, which is to invest in telemedicine and telesurgery technologies because Internet communications and robots are only going to advance in the coming years. Their innovative inventions are also becoming more cost-effective for medical institutions to purchase and to use for life-saving surgeries worldwide.

A man who travels around the world performing his robotic surgeries doesn’t seem that he has much time for relaxation. When asked what his day is like and how he manages his daily life, Dr. Samadi stated that his most productive time is early in the morning. He takes time to breathe and relax. To help relieve stress, he takes time to play tennis and backgammon. Later in the morning and afternoon when his patients arrive for their medical appointments, Dr. Samadi makes sure that he sits down with them for better communication together.

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USHEALTH Group – Huge Portfolio of Insurance Products at Affordable Prices

USHEALTH Group is a Fort Worth, Texas, based Insurance firm that is nationally known to be one of the most trusted and reliable insurance service providers. The company has for long been an active contributor to the insurance market of the United States and so far has served more than 15 million customers. USHEALTH Group offers very innovative and high-quality insurance products that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the consumers today. The company has grown and evolved with time, which has helped the firm to come up with insurance products that are modern, valuable, and reasonable. The customers have the ability to personalize the products they buy from the company, which ensures that the customers are in control of their health insurance expenses.



The company has been in the insurance business for over fifty years collectively, which speaks for itself. One of the benefits of dealing with the USHEALTH Group is the vast variety of options it provides regarding insurance products. The company offers many different insurance products so that the customers can choose as per their need. The main aim of the enterprise is to ensure that the end users can get health insurance for themselves, regardless of their budget. The company’s insurance distribution network is vast and spread through the country, and the company’s agents are highly trained, professional, and ethical in their approach. It means that the customers can be sure that they would be getting the best insurance advice from the insurance agent of the USHEALTH Group.



The company also offers the aspiring professionals to become the insurance agent of the company and join their extensive network of health insurance agents. The leadership of the organization is focused on ensuring that the company can penetrate the booming insurance market and reach out to as many people as possible. The customer service desk of the company is highly accessible, and whether it is an individual buyer or a business owner looking for a comprehensive insurance solution for the business’s staff, the representative of the company can offer customized insurance solutions and packages.


Rick Shinto: You Lead, We Follow

Leadership is no easy thing. However, none has done it better than Rick Shinto. Rick is the current President of InnovaCare Health, a medical facility that brings quality health services close to the people. Before coming to InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto worked for institutions like Aveta Inc., NAMM California, Cal-Optima Health Plan, and Medical Pathways Management Company. It is during his tenure in these companies that he was able to gain the skills and experience needed to be a successful leader. Since taking the leadership mantle at InnovaCare Health, Mr. Rick has been able to nurture a culture of productivity.

Because Rick Shinto believes in teamwork, he has also been able to program his fellow employees to work in togetherness so as to accomplish a similar goal. So far, the strategy has proven to be very effective. Under his tenure, he has helped build better working conditions for his colleagues, encouraged bottom-up communication, fostered the development of healthy working conditions, and also sold the company’s vision to the rest of the labor force. Above all, Rick has proven to be an integral and accountable leader, and that is why InnovaCare is currently more successful than it ever was a decade ago. Read this article at Open Minds.

Because Rick is an outstanding gentleman, he has also diversified into the writing and editing business. To date, he has written numerous articles that center on clinical medicine as well as health issues. However, it is my belief that without his education, Rick would never have become the kind man Shinto is at present. Shinto has a medical degree that he earned from the University of New York, a B.S. from the University of California, as well as an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands. His impressive working record has attracted the attention of many people. To this end, he has received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award, a prize that only outstanding leaders in the corporate world get to receive.

Apart from being an authority figure, Rick Shinto also brings years of experience in operational and clinical healthcare to InnovaCare Health. Through time, Shinto has been able to inspire people within the institution to work to the best of their abilities for the greater good. By Shinto working alongside three other like-minded executives, he has helped shape the future of InnovaCare Health. Thus, Rick Shinto is a leader who many people in the modern society emulate. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

Healthcare Reform Affects Patients

Healthcare reform affects patients, health care suppliers, government defrayal and medicine researchers. A decent health care reform ought to be value effective in its implementations and affordability. In my view, any reform within the health care sector ought to be that, that widens the population that receives sum, diversifies and minimizes the value of health care, shield the proper patients and physicians still as improves accessibility and quality so as to eliminate strikes of health care givers and suffering of patients. Though health care reforms ought to aim at fairness and property, high prices of medical coverage and economic impacts on insurance firm’s square measure the foremost effects of health care reforms.

Being at per with insurance firms is relevant within the business by providing adequately medical coverage solely results to plenty of risk and adverse choice. During this case, majority of the members coated underneath the insurance theme square measure sick, creating the businesses to pay medical expenses usuriously. So reduces the complete margin of profit of the businesses. In fact, in keeping with Moffatt, the efforts to reduce the risks through conditional exclusion and lifelong edges solely compel the businesses to incur a lot of risks. Ideally, since majority of the insurance takers square measure sick individuals, adverse choice will simply kill an insurance firm.

Nobilis Health may be a publically listed company, twin listed on the stock market (HLTH) and TSX (NHC) exchanges, and a full-service attention development and management company. With a collective leadership expertise that features developing and managing over one hundred surgical centers, Nobilis perpetually strives to produce superior treatment, augmented patient satisfaction, and lower prices for health care delivery. Nobilis became a respected member in the healthcare industry. GE Capital’s attention monetary Services (HFS) business is one amongst the foremost active capital suppliers within the U.S. attention market, providing over $10.5 billion in finance across over 240 transactions in 2014. For the fifth consecutive year, HFS was the No. one lead arranger for all financings beneath $500 million in U.S. attention leveraged finance (based on volume and range of transactions completed), consistent with Thompson Reuters. Customers across forty five attention sectors as well as senior housing, hospitals, medical offices, patient services, prescription drugs and medical devices believe HFS to finance acquisitions, finance existing debt, support capital desires and fund growth initiatives. With in-depth trade information and experience, the HFS team of pros creates monetary solutions tailored to fulfill the individual desires of its customers.Nobilis partners with physicians within the possession and management of mobile and acute care facilities and tending services. Nobilis owns and manages interests in 5 mobile surgery centers, 3 in Houston, one in Dallas, and also the fifth in Scottsdale, Arizona. Additionally, North Star owns one acute care hospital in Houston.This facility are accustomed support Nobilis’ growth efforts, give a replacement revolving line for assets and repay sure of the Company’s existing outstanding financial obligation, together with the $12 million seller’s note associated with Nobilis’ acquisition of Athas Health in December 2014.