Playoff Hat Trick for Tarasenko

The 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing and the net has held a hat trick already for the St. Louis Blues’ Vladimir Tarasenko. The first playoff hat trick for him, Tarasenko led the Blues to a 4-1 victory on Saturday over the Minnesota Wild to tie the series at one. The 24-year-old youth from Yaroslavl, Russia is in his third season playing offense for the Blues.

The 2015 games have shown quite a few high-scoring wins so far, in contrast to past playoffs points out Ricardo Guimarães BMG in an article on Maquinadoesporte. The chances of scoring a hat trick in any game are relatively low, but to score the elusive hat trick in a Stanley Cup Playoff game is quite an accomplishment. On the rebound from a devastating loss to the Wild in game one, Tarasenko clinched the hat trick and the win for the Blues with an empty net goal in the last minute of game two. As a first round draft pick in 2010, the Blues hope that this will be the first of many hat tricks for their young music maker.