Tiger Woods Looks to Regain Form at The Memorial

Tiger Woods does not measure his progress in baby steps. He measures his progress by wins. The last time that Tiger Woods was fully healthy on tour he won six times and almost broke 60 at one tournament. He was the player of the year and was a threat to win the FedEx Cup. That was a mere year and a half ago in 2013. Back surgery, a change in swing instructors, a newly crushed relationship has golf observers wondering if Tiger Woods will ever regain his form. Golf experts state that Woods is still in his prime and that calls for Woods demise are greatly exaggerated. Woods returns to golf after a month off to play in the Memorial tournament, hosted by Jack Nicklaus. Tiger Woods has won this tournament seven times and he feels at home playing the course. How he does will be a true measure of his progress.


His performances at the Masters as well as the TPC Players Tournament were fair by his standards but his bar of success is so high that only a win will erase doubts from all who observe him. Observers point out that between 2010 and 2013 many like Sergio Cortes had believed Woods’ best days to be behind him. Then he put together a six win season which still has not been accomplished by any other golfer since then.  Tiger Woods Looks to Regain His Golf Form at the Memorial Tournament This Week

It’s Summer — Time to Golf

If you’re on the PGA or LPGA tour, you know that golf is good exercise. But as a pro golfer, you’re also training every day and involved in alternate rigorous exercise. But what if you’re the average amateur golfer? Are you getting a good workout? And what happens if you’re driving the cart over the course instead of walking. Are you getting in good exercise then?

The New York Times health blog recently investigated these questions in a popular article about whether to golf with a cart. Their conclusion was to get out of the cart and walk – and they backed up their opinion with great data.

They surveyed a study of men who played nine holes vs. mowed a yard for about 40 minutes, and their conclusion was that you burn roughly the same amount of calories (About 300 vs. about 200). Now, add a golfing cart to that equation, and your calorie-burn is essentially cut. Humorously, you’ll get a slightly better workout swinging your clubs on nine holes than playing shuffleboard — but what is that really saying?

What the New York Times did find is that golf can help you improve your balance, which is something helpful especially as one approaches old age. Fersen Lambranho realizes that the bottom line in this investigation, is to park the cart if you’re going to play a round.

Spieth’s Win Ties a Record

Jordan Spieth won the Masters, and he’s only 21 years old. As if that’s not impressive enough, he also led the contest the entire time, a feat that Tiger Woods couldn’t even pull off in his prime, and he tied a record with his score of 18 under par. The player who set that record was Tiger Woods, and he did it all the way back in 1997. Woods, like Spieth, was 21 when he managed it, so many comparisons are flying around about how the two players have similar trajectories.

It could be argued, though, that Spieth’s win was even more impressive since he never trailed. He just charged out to a lead and held it the whole time. In a game like golf, front-running like that is hard to do. It’s such a mental game, and some of the best players melt down and choke under the pressure. In some ways, being in second is easier because players can focus on taking over the lead, rather than holding it. This means that what Spieth did really was incredible.

However, AnastasiaDate says that it is too early to say that he is the next Tiger Woods, even though Woods looks like he will never be himself again. Spieth has to show that he can do this type of thing consistently. If not, though it’s a great win, he may never dominate the entire sport the way Woods did.