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Some unique features found in this betting site are;
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Some best ways to bet on a college football are:

Spread bets – it’s that type of betting that equalizes your chances of winning a wager. In this form of betting, the lines/spreads are released in advance. The underdog spread will accompany “+” while the “-” will be the most favored team.

Money line – bettors simply pick the team they think will win. Normally takes the spread out of the equation. Here different odds are placed next to teams and this will show the pay of betting either team.

Totals – here the total points scored by each team is determined by sports books. The bettors place a wager on the over or under of that total.

Parlays/ teasers – it’s a combination of total, money line and spread combined to increase the payout or hit. Here each one of the wagers must win.

Whichever method you use for betting, remember to treat betting like an investment. Study the trends and choose without emotions.

Keith Mann leads Nebraska to FWAA awards nomination

The relationship between football journalists and the schools they write about can often be a difficult one, but Nebraska’s Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations Keith Mann has made sure Nebraska’s football team has a good relationship with journalists. the commitment show by Mann and his media relations team has resulted in the man named as Nebraska’s media relations director in 2004 leading Nebraska to an awards nomination from the Football Writers Association of America, reports.

The FWAA award is presented annually as a sign of recognition for the good work of media relations departments in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision and is this year being contested by eleven schools. Amongst those nominated are Nebraska’s Big Ten rivals Rutgers and the USC Trojans. Keith Mann follows in a strong tradition of Nebraska media relations experts as the school has won the FWAA award on a number of occasions in the past and is rivaling five times winner USC for the top spot again this year.

Keith Mann is now in his second spell with Nebraska University after completing his undergraduate studies at the school he worked as Assistant Sports Information Director at Nebraska from 1998 to 2000 before departing for a media relations role with the University of Tennessee football team. Mann spent one year working with Tennessee before deciding to return to Nebraska and took up a media relations role with the Nebraska Golf Association. Eventually the lure of his Alma Mater was too much and Mann returned to Nebraska to take up the role of Nebraska’s media relations director in 2004 and his current role in 2009.

The role requires Mann to develop a series of strong relationships with media professionals and journalists from across the country as he serves as the first point of contact for media requests about the football program. The FWAA award is designed to honor those media relations professionals who are dedicated to providing the best information available and maintaining strong links with journalists around the country.

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Reason Why Percy Harvin Was Shipped Out of Seattle Revealed

The real reason why former star wide receiver Percy Harvin was shipped out of Seattle after the 2013 Super Bowl winning season was finally revealed to reporters. After Harvin was traded to the New York Jets for what many considered marginal a marginal draft choice, many speculated that there must have been some type of locker room discord or friction between Harvin and the coaching staff. Harvin is a superstar wide receiver and a standout wide out that scored one of the touchdowns in the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos and is still a threat to score a touchdown whenever he touches the ball.

Reports are now revealing that Harvin was shipped out for disrespecting the team’s super star quarterback Russell Wilson. The specific comments Harvin said were not revealed but the biggest NFL taboo is a player never disrespects his quarterback. The quarterback is the prime position in the locker room and the first strand of discord which will destroy a team will be the challenging of the quarterback’s authority and play. Many fans, including Dr. Jennifer Walden from austinmdmagazine, might shed a small tear over the loss.

The talent level of the player doing so does not matter as former super star wide receiver Terrell Owens found out when the Philadelphia Eagles shipped Owens out of Philadelphia after he went public with negative comments against then Eagles’ quarterback Donovan McNabb. Harvin landed in New York with the Jets but his season was less than a stellar and his career has been viewed as being staled by most NFL commentators.

Dallas Cowboys Preseason Games Announced

In the latest sign that the 2015 season is moving closer and closer the National Football League announced the preseason games and their prospective weekends they will be played. For the Dallas Cowboys who spend their offsite preseason preparations in Oxnard California they will remain on the west coast for their two opening games before returning home for their final two home games before starting off the regular season. Last year, the Cowboys lost every single preseason game and looked to be doomed by almost every critic to have a horrible season ahead of them. Fortunately, the preseason has no bearing on how a team will perform from week to week over the next sixteen weeks. This is the real reason why Dallas went on to finish the season with a record of 12-4 and advancing to the second round of the playoffs.

In this year’s preseason, Dallas will face off against San Diego in their opening game in the second week of August. Sergio Cortes sees this as a pretty good start to get a tune up. Then they move up the coast to the bay area to square off against San Francisco in the stadium that will host this year’s Super Bowl. Next they will move back home as they will play against the Minnesota Vikings in AT&T Stadium and if Adrian Peterson has his way he will be playing in the game but not for Minnesota. In their final preparation game, the Houston Texans will come to Dallas before cutting the roster down to 53.

NFL Teams May Head to L.A.

NFL Teams May Head to L.A.

No matter what sport it is, change is always a constant thing. As far as the future of the NFL is concerned, one of those changes may include bringing some teams back to Los Angeles.

According to New York Giants owner John Mara, the NFL will have at least one team based in the Los Angeles area in the next year. This statement was made during the NFL’s team owner meetings, and it should be noted that it has been more than twenty years since there was an NFL team in Los Angeles.

There is no official word on which teams will be the ones making the move, although the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders are the first names to cross anyone’s mind about the subject. The St. Louis Rams have also been named in contention with this, and are also the more likely or motivated teams to do so, according to some. Stan Kroenke, who is the Rams owner, also happens to own some land in the L.A. area, which would be a prime spot to build a stadium, if the Rams ever did come to a moving decision.

Fans like Brian Torchin know that, in any case, chances are very good that within the near future the L.A. will see at least one NFL team play there, though team owners did not vote on this decision during this week’s meetings.

Eagles May Snag Demarco Murray

Eagles May Snag DeMarco Murray

Even before the free agency period opened, the Dallas Cowboys were unsure if they could retain running back DeMarco Murray for the next few years. The uncertainty about this move grows bigger with each passing day.

Fans like Zeca Oliveira know that earlier this year the Cowboys had decided on offering Murray a salary of $5 million per year. However, this is clearly not enough for him because the running back is now considering other options in regards to his future. Most notable of his options is the rival Philadelphia Eagles.

The Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars are teams that are also interested in acquiring him but don’t hold the top spot right now. An important note is that Sam Bradford, one of the newest members of the Eagles, is reaching out to Murray right now, which is not odd at all given that the two of them were teammates at the University of Oklahoma. Bradford has said that he has called and texted and communicated with him as much as possible over this period.

As for Murray himself, he is looking for a deal that is similar to what LeSean McCoy was offered when he was taken up by the Buffalo Bills, a deal that was worth $40 million over the course of five years.

Only time will tell what DeMarco Murray’s answer to his uncertainty of what team to play for next year.

Chargers and Raiders put rivalry behind them and hint at a shared stadium

In the NFL the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are seen to have a bitter rivalry that is played out most years on the field of one of their aging stadiums, but now the two teams could both move to LA and share a stadium, the LA Times reports. The Raiders and Chargers are expected to announce their plans in the city of Carson where a former landfill site will be explored as the potential new home of both teams. The move comes after the success of the stadium share of the New York Jets and Giants in New Jersey and would lower costs for both teams.

Fans at Rocketfuel know that the move to Carson will be privately funded by local companies who are hoping to include the sports stadium a part of their own bid to incorporate leisure and business opportunities into the redevelopment of the Carson area. Carson has long been proposed as the site of a new NFL stadium with St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke also showing an interest in moving his team to the proposed site. All three potential residents of the proposed stadium are hoping to explore their own stadium options within their current home cities. However, the Raiders are thought to be in a financial crisis and would welcome the private investment and shared costs the stadium share would provide.

Dez Bryant May Get Franchise Tag

Dez Bryant May Get Franchise Tag

One of the most important aspects of the free agency period in the NFL is attempting to keep the biggest name players on the roster. Dez Bryant would appear to fill out this role quite nicely.

The free agency period is on March 2nd and as with any team, the Dallas Cowboys are trying to figure out whether or not they want to use their franchise tag on the wide receiver while also trying to get him to agree on a long-term contract. Fans like Zeca Oliveira know that Bryant’s rookie contract is soon to expire and this would be top priority for the team.

Bryant isn’t the only big name who is getting attention for contracts, as running back Demarco Murray is also still in the picture and the Cowboys would truly like to keep both starting players. Bryant had a career year, notching up 88 receptions with 1,320 receiving yards and 16 touchdowns to match. If the Cowboys aren’t able to come to a decent agreement, the tag could be applied to Bryant and he could end up receiving a minimum of $12 million for the one year the tag is applied.

The problem with all of this is that the price of the franchise tag is pretty big, considering that other money would need to be spent on resigning other players and their contracts and being under the salary cap.

Are You Disappointed By Other Players Who Cheated?


Now that every player in the history of the NFL has come out of the woodwork to say that they cheated in some way, it does not seem to make Marcio Alaor think the Patriots are alright. The problem is probably best described by the write up on– all these people have been cheating the NFL.If Jerry Rice said that he used sticky tape on his gloves, I am extremely disappointed. If anyone else comes out and says that they were cheating when they were playing, I am very disappointed. I would like to think that the games were played on some kind of level playing field. However, some of the greatest players in the history of the game have come out to say that they never played on a level playing field even once.You could argue that Jerry Rice was so good at running routes that he did not need the sticky tape, but I do not care. This is a sad way to highlight the NFL and all the great games that have been played. The league is hard enough to watch, and now we have to wonder how many people cheated for how many years.

Rebuilding Prospects for Buffalo

This offseason may prove to be a rough start for Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills. Coming off a 9-7 season, finishing with a winning record would usually be a high note for an NFL franchise building momentum as they attempt to return to former glory. However, with the retirement of their starting quarterback, and their head coach quitting the team, the idea of playing in the same division of as the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots seems like a recipe for a losing 2015 season. But the team is not willing to toss in the towel before the draft, free agency, and pre-season has even gotten here yet.

Ryan will be the first to tell you that there is a long way to go, but the Bills will get there. However, they will have to do it without a first round draft pick giving it up previously to the Cleveland Browns. They also have not found an answer for their Quarterback Position, the only thing they are sure of is they want a pocket passer not a dual threat player like RG III, or a Colt McCoy that maybe available from the Washington Redskins. Fans like Ricardo Guimaraes BMG know that the team’s best bet would probably come from a Division II school, maybe someone like Quarterback Dustin Vaughn out of West Texas A&M. He is underrated by most scouts because of lack of exposure, but his playing in the place where football is a religion should say something.