The Ever-Growing OSI Food Solutions

The growth at OSI Food Solution’s is evident all over the world in being the most extensive food suppliers. The firm is now responsible for 65 facilities that are distributed all over 17 countries. Also, the company has created job opportunities for 20,000 employees. In the United States, the company has been ranked as one of the largest food company to be privately owned. At first, when OSI Food Solutions was founded in 1909, it was just a small meat business located in Oak Park, Illinois. Though the company always remembers where it started by still having the main headquarters located in the town. The founder of the company was Otto Kolschowsky, and it was his first time in the United States as he had relocated from Germany.

By 1928, he had already named the company as Otto & Sons. Over the next decade, the company worked hard so that they would establish different reputations for being a business that offered the highest quality meat. Soon OSI Food Solutions started to expand in other areas, and in 1955 they made their first partnership. The partnership was with McDonald’s. In 1973, OSI Food Solutions had to open a new meat plant that would take care of the high volume orders they were receiving. The plant was based in Chicago, and at the plant, they were machines that were designed to shape the meat patties. In 1975, that’s when they changed the name officially to OSI Food Solutions.

The partnership that they made was not the end, because in 1990 they made other partnerships that were the reason for the growth they received. The collaborated with General Million Corporation and Alaska Milk Corporation to found the GenOSI. It would be responsible for the processing of quality food products and shipping in the Philippines. In 1995, they established a plant that would take care of the supply in China. The expansion in China expanded even further after they came up with OSI China in Beijing. The more the company’s products and services are growing, the more the market is increasing too. Now the company is coming up with products that would fit the ever-changing tastes of people. Click here.

Becoming a Global Food Rockefeller with OSI Group McDonalds

The recent relationship between OSI Group and McDonalds – known as OSI Group McDonalds- is a company with a growing presence in this modern, globalized economy. OSI Group comes from Immigrant roots that it is proud of. The history is derived from an American immigrant experience. By the 20th century, Otto Kolschowsky declared himself as a member of German-immigrant community in Chicago, IL and contributed to what is now known as the OSI Group.

The first McDonald’s was opened in 1955 by Ray Kroc in Des Plaines, IL. After the first grand open, a few years later allowed roc to McDonalds and become the CEO of what is not the modern McDonald’s franchise. The supply-demand increased rapidly for the regional McDonald’s restaurants and this became the primary task for OSI.

The OSI Group McDonalds Global Growth

The merge between OSI Group and McDonalds is a needed transition of substantial growth that is still proving to be monumental today. OSI Group has become one of the largest companies in the U.S and was ranked as #58 on the 2016 Forbes list for privately owned companies that have exceeded gross sales of $6.1 billion.

David McDonald’s Changing the Vision of OSI’s Future

David McDonald took over leadership for the OSI Group McDonalds and continued its steady stride toward business growth. With the 2016 purchases of Baho Food and Europe ventures, OSI successfully acquired a facility in Chicago, IL that Tyson Foods operated and owned. The facility and its workforce were taken over entirely by the OSI Group. In 2018 OSI Group McDonalds International Foods merged with Turi Foods. Turi Foods is an Australian based poultry processing company. This merge created Turosi Pty Ltd. The merge shows how OSI Group is driven to continue its business growth within the food sector. The OSI Group McDonalds merge gave way for the business to thrive and escalate to the endeavors that it has together.

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OSI Industries Wants a More Sustainable Approach to Business

OSI Industries is the world’s largest provider of protein. Their meat processors supply fast food chains around the world with the resources they need to thrive. This business model has been in place for more than 100 years, but OSI is going to replace it. The food processing industry needs to emphasize the importance of the environment and wildlife. Sustainability, the ability to produce goods without harming the environment, is the topic of our time. Creating a sustainable business model isn’t easy, but it’s essential to the future of business. Fortunately, OSI Industries is working hard to create a viable model.

Meat processing is the bread and butter of OSI Industries. It’s how this company grew from a family deli into the international corporation it is today. The current issues facing the meat industry are related to the management of resources and waste. The demand for meat isn’t going to go away, but the means of providing meat is going to become more efficient. Efficiency is the reason OSI stands above its industrial rivals. Nobody else has the ability to provide people with meat at the same rate. They create innovation before other food processing companies even acknowledge the need for it. To know more about the company click here.

When you’re the world’s most successful food processor, your actions are going to have an impact. If OSI Industries creates a sustainable model, other companies are going to emulate it. Besides profits, this influence is part of what makes OSI important. The company has influenced the food processing industries from its origins until now. They have crafted the modern model food processing companies use, but they don’t want to stop there. The future of the industry is going to be their creation. We’ll still eat the same fast food, but we’re going to create less waste in the process.