It’s Summer — Time to Golf

If you’re on the PGA or LPGA tour, you know that golf is good exercise. But as a pro golfer, you’re also training every day and involved in alternate rigorous exercise. But what if you’re the average amateur golfer? Are you getting a good workout? And what happens if you’re driving the cart over the course instead of walking. Are you getting in good exercise then?

The New York Times health blog recently investigated these questions in a popular article about whether to golf with a cart. Their conclusion was to get out of the cart and walk – and they backed up their opinion with great data.

They surveyed a study of men who played nine holes vs. mowed a yard for about 40 minutes, and their conclusion was that you burn roughly the same amount of calories (About 300 vs. about 200). Now, add a golfing cart to that equation, and your calorie-burn is essentially cut. Humorously, you’ll get a slightly better workout swinging your clubs on nine holes than playing shuffleboard — but what is that really saying?

What the New York Times did find is that golf can help you improve your balance, which is something helpful especially as one approaches old age. Fersen Lambranho realizes that the bottom line in this investigation, is to park the cart if you’re going to play a round.