Reputation of Madison Street Capital

The Madison Street Capital reputation has soared with their acquisition of the 13th annual Turnaround Award Winner by the M&A Advisor. Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that is based in Chicago.


The team of the Madison Street Capital had been awarded the Distressed M&A Deal of the Year. That award equals to move than $25MM to $50MM and they earned it by their expertise of being the exclusive advisor to the Sachs Capital Group in that company’s venture of the take-private of the RMG Networks. Along with the Merion Investment Partners and Sachs Capital Group Virgo Capital had also invested with them. With their combined effort, they had been able to provide debt financing for the closing of this transaction. The man who had led the team of Madison Street Capital was Barry Petersen who is the Senior Managing Director.


The Founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital is Charles Botchway. He attributes their success on the transaction to the team members and their hard work and dedicated efforts. The award will show clients their ability to navigate and close difficult transactions in a successful manner.


The goal and mission of the Madison Street Capital is the commitment to the excellence, integrity service and leadership in the process of delivering merger and acquisition expertise, financial opinions, corporate financial advisory services and services in valuation to privately and publicly help businesses. Their services enable their clients a success in the worldwide marketplace.


Madison Street Capital has clients from a vast and diverse business and industry world. These include pharmaceutical and biotech, technology, aerospace and defense, healthcare, real estate and construction development, consumer markets in food and agriculture, retail, distribution, solar energy, oil and gas energy, manufacturing, media and telecom, mining, minerals and natural resources, logistics and transportation, medical devices and financial services. With such a variety of businesses, Madison Street Capital is a globally known and successful team can help all of these accomplish their financial goals.


With the reputation of Madison Street Capital gaining by winning the Turnaround Award all of their global clients will increase their trust and will enjoy even more success by depending on the professional standards of this worldwide firm.


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