‘Tis The Season For Daily Fantasy through DRAFT

Fantasy Football is here once again and I cannot help myself from feeling the impending doom of a catastrophic season ending injury to the player I spent hours upon hours researching and drafting. Before they even start playing real games, my season is typically over. Jordy Nelson in 2016. Leveon Bell in 2015. I could go on. Often, season long fantasy football (most fantasy sports, to be honest) does not necessarily come down to being the most skilled fantasy general manager. It usually comes down to the jerk who’s team stays healthy and makes a couple dumb luck waiver wire pickups.

You might be telling me that Daily Fantasy is the way to go, in this instance. Sure, I can pick a new team everyday, trying to eek out every last cent of the given site’s salary cap. My favorite part of fantasy sports, however, is the draft. Snake drafts, to be precise. Now, at https://playdraft.com/, they combine the best of both worlds.

Through DRAFT, not only can you choose your own team on a daily basis, but you can also draft your team against other people and jockey for position, hoping to snag that sure-fire third rounder in the beginning of the fourth.