Roseann Bennett Talks About How Tele-Therapy Is Great In Some Situations

Roseann Bennett is a licensed and experience family therapist who has been working passionately towards making therapy available to all. She has set up a nonprofit therapy agency that offers therapy to those who cannot afford it. There is a large requirement for such Assessment centers as most people cannot afford the high cost of therapy. While there are just a few such types of assessment centers, Roseann Bennett feels that there is a large scope for Telemedicine in the industry. Telemedicine is any kind of online platform that allows people to seek therapy through chat, video call, and even phone call. Since technology is being adopted in almost sector, the mental therapy industry cannot be left far behind.


Roseann Bennett has been following the Telemedicine trend for quite a while and felt that its prospect is quite widespread. It will help make therapy accessible and reachable to everyone, even those who cannot leave their homes for some reason and those who live in remote places without any access to good therapists. Since there is a taboo associated with mental health, telemedicine will also allow people to get therapy in the privacy of their homes and without letting others know. People also do not have to spend extra money on travel, and the cost of online therapy is also much lower than what the physical therapy would cost. Visit This Page for more information.


Roseann Bennett still wishes that the privacy features of the online therapy platforms need to be stronger to prevent the leakage of information from their customers. Since the therapist and the client are unable to see each other in telemedicine, it makes it difficult for both of them to form a connection. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy


Even though Telemedicine cannot take over the physical therapy sessions completely, it is excellent for people who do not want to make it known to others that they have some mental issues that they are going through. As the Co-Founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment that was set up in 2010, she feels that it is time that people accept that getting help for therapy is not a taboo.



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