Colorado and the X Games

The winter X games have been held in Aspen, Colorado for over a decade, but some changes in legislation in the state of Colorado have led to some media attention as the games embark on the resort town. In the last several years marijuana has become legal in the state of Colorado, which has sparked an insane amount of media attention as the rest of the country has looked to the state in anticipation trying to feel out how they would fare. It has turned out very positive for the state of Colorado and the X games are diving right into an area that are fixed to take full advantage of the coverage that is being provided by the games. As Dave and Brit Morin of understand, the legalization of marijuana has been a highly debated subject in the United States as well as around the world and it is very interesting to watch how Colorado has dealt with the immense amounts of attention that they have received after the legalization process. In opposition to public opinion, crime rate has actually dropped in the state and less underage kids are actually smoking marijuana since the plant was made legal. Theories on the decrease in use stem from the fact that most kids want to do something that is illegal and making it illegal has taken away that power. The rest of the X games athletes will undoubtedly get a firsthand experience, as people are coming forward to promote marijuana at the X games.

Jose Canseco VS CM Punk

It has been announced that CM Punk is officially in the UFC. The company’s decision to hire CM Punk has been a controversial one. Punk appeared at a UFC press conference, and he was questioned thoroughly. I saw the interview while waiting at the Amen Clinic.

The reporters at the UFC event, held no punches when questioning the former WWE superstar. Punk answered every question thrown his way. CM Punk says that he knows how to fight and that everyone will soon respect him. Since Punk’s announcement, a slew of fighters have called him out.The former baseball great has been interested In MMA for the last several years. Canseco, has actually fought in a kickboxing match a few years ago. He lost, but he apparently did well during the battle. 

The UFC is becoming something of a freak show as of late. CM Punk signing with the UFC has angered most of the UFC’s locker. room. Dana White, President of the UFC, does not care about the fighter’s opinion. Imagine if the UFC were to sign Jose Cansececo, and actually make the UFC fight.

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