Minnesota FC Joins MLS

The Major League Soccer organization announced that they are officially adding another team to the league: Minnesota United FC, who is set to begin playing in 2018. While that may sound so far away it is actually going to feel like it is just around the corner. In the last decade the MLS has added13 new professional teams and it is continuing to grow as soccer gets more popular in the United States. There are also rumors that former MLS and English soccer player David Beckham will be getting his own team in Florida, to be from Miami, but he is currently trying to find a way for them to have a stadium down town in the city.

According to an article found on Yahoo! Sports, there may be even more teams joining the league by 2017 such as Los Angeles FC, Atlanta FC and one from Southern California. It will be really neat and interesting to see where this sport goes in the United States and if it will reach a popularity level the way it does in Europe. It is more often the case that Americans prefer football, but it is starting to look very promising for soccer around the country. Brian Torchin (Catalystfive) believes that hopefully this will be a good culture move too, and maybe integrated other sports from overseas as well down the line sometime. In any case, congrats to the state of Minnesota on their new soccer team!