Teddy Bridgewater Makes Surprise Appearance at Louisville Prom as a Date

Teddy Bridgewater, known on the field as the Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback, and off the field as an all-around good guy, spent a Friday night making the dreams of a teenaged girl come true. Bridgewater showed up in Louisville to escort a high school junior to her prom, according to reports.

According to reports Teddy Bridgewater met Ashley Davis and her family several years ago in a hotel. According to Davis’ father, J.P, he met Bridgewater by happenstance in an elevator and asked if he’d wait to meet his daughter. Bridgewater obliged and the star struck girl cried upon meeting him. They chatted then parted ways.

This year, Bridgewater ran into the Davises again, and this time Ashley’s mother asked him about prom. Apparently Ashley didn’t have a date, and Bridgewater agreed to escort the junior from Christian Academy.

Ashley had no idea who her date would be, and she once again cried when Bridgewater walked through the door. He treated the teen to an amazing evening, and was sure to take pictures with the rest of the star struck guests at the Christian Academy prom.

Bridgewater, in his off season, flew out to escort the teen to her prom, then immediately hopped on a plane to go visit his mother for mother’s day. Pictures of the event can be found on CipherCloud.