Rebel Wilson as Natalie in Isn’t It Romantic Movie on Netflix

 Isn’t It Romantic movie on Netflix features the Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth as the lead roles. Just from the title, you might think that this is another romantic comedy type of movie. However, Isn’t It Romantic comes out as an anti-rom-com.

It begins with Natalie’s mother (Jennifer Saunders) telling a young Natalie (Rebel Wilson) that girls like her never get someone to marry them for love unless the guy needs a visa.

Her mother’s words made her lack self-confidence, and she carries the romance skepticism into adulthood, where she now lives and works as an architect in New York City. The male colleagues she works with treat her as a coffee assistant even though she is an expert architect designing a new hotel.

The movie gets a twist when Natalie gets robbed in a subway and hits her head waking up in a well-lit private room with flowers and a handsome doctor attending to her. Read more:  Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Her face is all dolled up with makeup, and she realizes that she is now stuck in a romantic comedy of her own. Waking up in a fancy room with full makeup on is a nightmare since she had earlier mocked this kind of life so vigorously that she didn’t imagine it would ever happen to her.

Why You Should Watch Isn’t It Romantic Even If You Are A Non-Romantic Comedy

Twisting the scenes and placing Natalie into a parallel setting makes the movie even more interesting since it is set to make fun of all the other regular romantic comedy movies. Rebel Wilson is cast well as Natalie who is an awkward lady with low self-esteem issues and a humorous side that is cringe-worthy. She has a gay neighbor who is a style expert, and a workmate rival who is always on high heels.

Then there is the hot stranger (Liam Hemsworth) who hits Natalie with his car by accident and a great best friend who is perfect for her, but she doesn’t notice him that way. The movie is entertaining in a satirical way. Isn’t It Romantic can be watched by anyone even those who do not like romantic comedies.

Background Information

Rebel Wilson is a singer, writer, producer, and an actress, mostly known for acting in comedy movies. She was born in Sydney Australia on 2nd March 1980. She grew up in the loving care of her expert beagle – breeder parents with her three siblings, Liberty, Ryot and Annachi.

In 2015 November, Rebel Wilson collaborated with Torrid, a plus size brand to launch a clothing line. She graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of New South Wales. She also attended the Australian Theater for Young People where she first found her footing on stage.

Rebel Wilson is the type of actors who leave his followers asking for more whenever he set out to play a role in a film. He is a notable character who will make any film that he features a total success.

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How Rebel Wilson has grown to become one of the most influential actresses.

For most Rebel Wilson has always had a blend of genius in her. She has been able to take on roles that are so demanding and deliver. Having the right attitude, the vocal capability and a sense of humor make her a triple threat.

Her performance in Pitch Perfect would articulate all this and also remind us why she was able to come from Australia a relatively smaller film industry and take over Hollywood. Her performance was so incredible that it remains one of the most iconic among all other performances in the film series. Success has not come easy for Rebel Wilson as she had to work hard especially in a male-dominated comic field.

She reckons that family genes may have something to do with her comedic chops. She attributes her success to her high school drama teacher Mrs. Bowmaker who encouraged her to enter the Tournament of Minds. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She first considered taking on serious roles but whenever she would get on stage people would start laughing. At the time this made her angry and confused until she discovered that maybe she was more suited for funny roles. It was a hit for her, and soon enough she would join Hollywood.

She acknowledges that being different helped her a lot. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she admitted that it made all the difference for her when she walked into her agent’s office.

They did not have anyone like her and recognized that her character would soon break out. It did not take long as soon after she was cast as Brynn in Bridesmaids. Over the years Rebel Wilson has made the United States even though she has not requested citizenship.

Roles nowadays seem to follow her and if statistics are anything to go by 2019 will be another good year for her. She has already started in Isn’t it Romantic alongside Adam DeVine, Priyanka Chopra, and Liam Hemsworth.

Next, she stars in Cats a film that will be directed by Tom Hooper. The musical fantasy has already inspired Rebel Wilson to release her new dance named Catzercise. It is a blend of dance and workout like movements. In a video released to her more than six million fans on Instagram on her 39th birthday, Rebel Wilson is seen wearing a black outfit complete with pink paws and cat ears.

The dance is well choreographed as the dance to one of the Jellicle songs. Her fans were quite impressed as she challenged them to try it out. Rebel state that the video was the culmination of 30 minutes of rehearsal. The new routine by Rebel Wilson seems like a good way for her fans to get a workout going while having fun at it.

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The Road which has led to the Success of the Chain-smokers

In 2012, the members of the Chain-smokers duo were introduced to each other by their manager. At the time, the idea was to have them work together on one project, after which they would part ways. However, as fate would have it, the two did their gig, and then realized that they had great chemistry between them. As a result, they decided they were going to transform their temporary arrangement into something more permanent, and thus the band was born. Six years later, the little-known band has become a household name, and the future is getting brighter by the day. Here is an interview that the duo gave about their journey and the secrets that have fueled their success.

When Andrew was asked about his musical journey, he stated that he started developing a keen interest in electrical pop when he was in college. He adds that as he was going about his gigs, he was informed that there was a band called chain smokers, and one of their members was leaving. He told his manager that he would be interested in seeing what type of music the band was creating, and from the moment he met Alex, everything just clicked.

On the other hand, when Alex was asked about his musical journey, he stated that as he grew up, hos only dream was to be a successful DJ. He added that when he was introduced to electrical dance music, he immediately developed an interest. With time, he decided to give a career in music a shot. When he met with Andrew, they connected, and the magic started happening for Chain Smokers.

The band has released some songs, but it was their single selfie which catapulted them to fame. The duo believes that working in their field is not easy, mainly because there are so many others within the field and getting a unique connection with the audience is complicated. They state that their secret has been creating music that their listeners connect with at an emotional level and that this has helped them win the hearts of audiences across the country.

Clay Hutson Explains Some Of The Details That Go Into Holding A Rock Concert

Clay Hutson has a pretty interesting career. He owns a live entertainment production business that primarily works with musicians, although he also manages other types of events. His company is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and has been in operation since 2009. Before starting out in the music industry he completed a college degree in theater design. He also put in time working on a couple of Billy Graham national tours before switching over to rock music, his true passion.

Some of the big names that he has gone on tour with are Guns N’ Roses, Kid Rock, and Pink. He designs produces and manages their concerts over the course of an entire tour. One tour that Clay Hutson recalls really enjoying was the “Bleed Like Me” 2005 world tour that Garbage put on. He says he went across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia while working on this tour. At that time he was working as a monitor engineer. Another international tour he was on was the 2017 OneRepublic tour that had concerts in both North America and Asia. During this tour, he handled the automatic rigging system.

Clay Hutson says that the last recession had a big negative impact on his employer at the time. Since he had developed all of the marketable skills he needed to have success in the music industry he decided the time was ripe to start his own business. His experience gives him the ability to see what is feasible and what is just an unrealistic pipe dream when it comes to things such as the set design.

Computer-aided design plays a big part in what Clay Hutson does for a living. Before a tour, he will get the measurement details for each concert venue and then use a CAD product where he inputs these numbers. He says that sometimes they will have to forgo some really good and innovative equipment simply due to the fact that it’s too big to get in some of the venue’s entrances. It’s by paying attention to details like this, and routinely checking all of his work, that Clay Hutson has developed a solid reputation in his industry.

Alex Pall and His Successful Music Career.

Alex Pall is an artist from a Deejaying Duo called The Chainsmokers. They have released many hit songs which have even been featured on the Billboard. Alex Pall and his partner Taggart work on making their music better each day. Alex Pall grew up Deejaying since it was his hobby starting from when he was young. Alex was based in New York City where he had a little career going, and he had so much passion for it.

To him, whatever he was doing seemed more of fun compared to being a job. Alex Pall was in an art gallery at one time, and the thought of pursuing dance music crossed his mind since he felt that it was already consuming so much of his life.

He was introduced to Drew Taggart by his manager, and after they met, they started working on music right away. Drew moved from Maine to New York and Alex quit the job he was doing at the time, and that is where their careers started. Drew and Alex all had something that drove them towards music, and that is how they knew that their partnership would work and become successful.

Alex was keen to observe what was going on around at almost every moment and that helped them in advancing since he was able to recognize what was working and who had killed it and that gave him hopes of becoming successful. Through their keen observations, the duo was able to shape its identity.

They worked together almost every day since they knew that they had a lot to cover and learn. Pall and Taggart always worked hard so that they can create their brand and still because it was their music which was supposed to pay their bills. The music created by the duo helps people to connect to music more and more, and this is part of their achievement because it all wasn’t about making money, but it was also a journey of discovering one’s self. Pall says that their music enables them to socialize with many people including songwriters who always guide them whenever they are working on new songs. It is exciting for Pall as the duo continues to rise through the ranks in the music industry.