The Evolution of Education Is Changing With ClassDojo

Technology in the modern age allows for widespread information sharing online, and because of that, education is evolving. With the tools of technology, education is evolving to a more widespread network of communication. Today in the age of widespread technology, nearly all kids, teachers, and parents use the availability of information online to help with homework and classwork. ClassDojo, a free educational app, is one company available to the classroom for teachers and at home for students and parents which provides information sharing online. ClassDojo is a platform for those students, teachers, and parents to create an interactive and fun classroom that will entice students by using their technological and gaming skills to focus on education.

Subsequently, because the app is free, more people have access to information, feedback, and community. In fact, ClassDojo is such a popular tool in the classroom, the app reaches 90% of students in the US ages 5 to 14. Quickly, ClassDojo is expanding worldwide, across 180 countries and translated in 35 languages. The success of the company largely comes from the co-founders, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, building a team that make up 20% at ClassDojo with a teaching background. Don and Chaudhary talked with hundreds of teachers to improve the way education is received in the classroom and at home for students. Some of ClassDojo’s work centers around teaching students about empathy and mindfulness. Their popular video on empathy has been seen by nearly 1 in 3 US students in Kindergarten through 8th grade, including the popular Growth Mindset video.

Moreover, students, teachers, and parents are encouraged by the ClassDojo app because they can voice their opinion and experience by providing feedback for others online. Teachers can upload pictures and videos from the classroom for parents and students to watch, including sharing important announcements and feedback. The app allows parents to be engaged in their child’s education, which will ultimately encourage children to improve their learning and communication skills. Likewise, children that are encouraged to improve on their education, empathy, and mindfulness will later create a successful world of bright minds with a bright future.