Feed Your Dog the Right Way with Beneful

Whether you have a newborn puppy or a ten year old dog, you need to pay a ton of attention to how well you feed your pet. You know how important it is for humans to eat well, so it is just as important to monitor the diet of your own furry friend. Many times people get lazy when it comes to buying food for their due to either a lack of in depth knowledge or an unwillingness to pay much attention. We’ll break down a few ways that you can become a better pet owner by paying attention to your dog and his or her needs.

Monitor the Brand Name — Buy Beneful.
When you first step into the dog food aisle at your local pet shop or grocery store you will probably be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of brand options on the shelf. Shelves are typically filled to bursting with dozens of different colored bags, all promising to deliver exactly what your pet needs. How can you be expected to make the proper decision when you are overloaded with information just by glancing at the shelf? The answer is easy: do your research ahead of time.

Going into the food aisle with your knowledge already prepped will go a long way toward making sure you leave with a top quality brand. In our case that top quality brand is Beneful, by Purina. Why grab Beneful? What makes this line so much better than the other, lower priced options available on the shelf? Well it’s simple and it makes a ton of sense if you take time to dig into the research. Don’t be an uninformed consumer, because it will sadly only hurts you and your own dog as a result.

Beneful is a line focused on delivering your furry friend their complete nutrition, all the way from pup to adulthood. Purina has always focused on giving natural ingredients that are high quality rather than cheeping out and giving the poor quality stuff. In fact, Purina was one of the first companies to ever put actual beef into their foods in order to cater to their customers. Beneful has a range of options, both dry and wet, that will give you exactly what you need for your dog. It is important to know that there are tons of options available to you, because every dog is different and will require their own food to fit their taste buds.

One of the most important aspects of the Beneful line is that you have twenty different food varieties on petco.com, each utilizing real vegetables and meats. You’ll get rice, green beans, carrots, barley, and other lean proteins like chicken, pork, and lamb. Many of the lower tier brands stick to ‘protein complexes’ that don’t deliver the essential nutrients as efficiently as possible. To top things off your Beneful foods will also be rich with antioxidants and omega loaded ingredients, allowing your dog to age gracefully with clear eyes and a beautiful coat.