Beneful: The Ultimate in Tasteful & Healthy Dog Food Choices

Beneful, the leader in dog food, has numerous of dog food varieties that are just right according to different types and sizes of dogs. This brand is manufactured by Nestle PurinaStore. There are some dog food that are perfect for small dogs; some are spectacular for an older dog; and some are spectacular for large dogs- just to name a few. Beneful has eight varieties of dry dog food, 20 varieties of wet dog food, and 11 varieties of treats. And furthermore, all of their dog food are prepared with superior nutrients and ingredients to assist in maintaining good overall health of our best friends.

The following is just a small sample of their full array of dog food choices that they have to offer. This is just to show in depth how they deeply care and give their all for our furry pals/family members. They are and have been dog owners as well, and they love them just like family.

So without further ado, the four dog food varieties are:

  1. Beneful Dry Dog Food- Healthy Puppy

It’s made with real chicken, carrots, and peas, and it’s given a 4.7 star average rating from 120 reviews. This dog food is also calcium rich with 100 percent of nutrients and DHA to assist in vision and brain development, and everyday health.

  1. Beneful Dry Dog Food- Healthy Weight

This dog food is made out of real chicken with sprinkles of green beans, carrots, and apples. This dog food also has an overall star rating of 4.7 from 189 reviews. And just like it says it help maintain a health weight for adult dogs. Additionally, 100% of nutrients in this formula is what the dog needs for everyday health, and it consists of a mixture of crunchy and tender bites.

  1. Beneful Wet Dog Food- Chopped Blends

It’s made with sweet potatoes, turkey, spinach, and brown rice. This is given an overall 4.9 star rating from nine reviews.

  1. Beneful Dog Treats- Healthy Smile Dental Twists

This is an example of treats (, and it’s made for large dogs. With a 4.8 overall star rating from 18 reviews, these treats reduces tartar buildup and plaque. It also help support strong bones and teeth, and freshens breath.

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