Financier George Soros Is On A Mission To Take Down Despots

George Soros may be 86-years-old, but he has the political and financial strength of a much younger man. His opponents call him a left-wing bogeyman, and his supporters call him a modern day hero. Mr. Soros is still at the top of his game in the hedge fund industry, but he is also a Democratic Party favorite. Soros went to bat for the Democrats in 2004 against George Bush, and he was behind Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful bid for president. When attorney general seats in several states were up for grabs in 2016, Soros didn’t waste any time throwing millions of dollars into the campaign funds of Democratic candidates and what George Soros knows.

When George Soros was fighting to survive in Hungary during the Nazi occupation, the last thing on his mind was politics or investing. He didn’t know he would become one of the richest people in the world, or a man the Israeli government calls an enemy without openly calling him one. Soros is Jewish by birth, but he is more about stoking the fires of open democracies around the world than trying to make friends with people who don’t understand his mission. The Israeli government is upset with Soros because he openly speaks out about Israel’s disregard for human and civil rights as well as the country’s occupation and discrimination tactics.

The 2008 Soros contribution to J Street, a pro-peace lobbying group, didn’t help the Holocaust survivor’s standing with Israel. And through his Open Society Foundation, he promotes Israeli human rights by helping groups like “Breaking the Silence” expose the Israeli government’s lack of understanding. His stand on human rights has put an “X” on his back in Netanyahu’s government.

Like or not, George Soros is not going away. The Open Society Foundation is helping organizations in countries around the world take down despots and push democracy in those countries. There’s no doubt. George Soros will go down in history as a man who wasn’t afraid to give away billions of dollars to protect human rights and democratic principles around the world and Follow his

The Israeli government doesn’t like Soros, and Donald Trump isn’t a fan either. But George Soros won’t stop doing what he does best. What he does best is give away his fortune for causes that will change the world in a positive way. And while he is doing that, he’s still investing and making millions of dollars for his family’s hedge fund every year George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

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