What You’ll Love About Lovaganza

When you think about celebrating other cultures you think about festivals or museums. Recently, Lovaganza, an entertainment company will begin to highlight multiple cultures through attractions from motion pictures. The showcase will be simultaneous, and it’s noted by the company as a bohemian-inspired adventure. The celebration is slated to take place in May until September 2020, and it’s unclear just how well it will be received. The adventure of Lovaganza was to take place in 2015, but it was pushed back in order to take advantage of new and emerging technology.

Not all of the action will come from motion pictures, but also from exhibits and live events. There will be eight primary locations for this celebration in addition to the United States. These locations include Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Oceana as well. One of the hottest concepts of Lovaganza to come alive during this tour is the glass-free 3D viewing. There are three motion pictures at this time, selected to be a part of this celebration, but the titles remain unknown.

There will be some filming done as a preliminary opening for the celebration that will help to define what this celebration is all about. The goal is to bring attention to various cultures on Design Ideas as well as to emphasize the beauty in those cultures and how they have impacted the world. A film trilogy is being created that will show footage from several countries including Spain and India.

Lovaganza is currently divided up into two entities. The entertainment business, known as The Lovaganza Entertainment Company is the franchise. The non-profit organization, The Lovaganza Foundation is going to help bring awareness to the impact that this showcase can bring to the world for all cultures. There is now a time planned for the foundation to launch, which is set for 2018. Until that time comes, there is a ton of planning to do for all involved. If you are hoping to be a part of this bohemian-inspired celebration or take part in the foundation and other events, you can learn more by going their website. You can find all of the dates, details, and more.

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Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.