Soros View on Putin

On February 10, Project Syndicate published an article by George Soros. The article discussed the fact that the United States and the European Union were not recognizing ,potentially, their biggest enemy: Russia. Soros explained that while President Putin claims to be an ally to the western nations and to want ISIS defeated, he is acting in an opposite manner. The President of Russia has ordered several air strikes on Syria, but not on Isis, instead on the cities with high numbers of civilians. This has caused tens of thousands of refugees to flee to Turkey and Lebanon and Jordan. These same refugees then want to go further west and gain asylum in Europe.

Putin is doing this in order to flood Europe with many more refugees than they can absorb. Soros says that President Putin knows that this will create chaos and divide nations and ultimately destroy the European Union. The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, understands that the number of refugees has the potential to destroy the EU. In early February, Merkel took a trip to Turkey in hopes that the government would agree to inducing refugees to prolong their stay in Turkey before counting on to Europe.

Soros finishes the article by saying that the U.S. and the E.U. should understand that Russia is a much bigger threat than ISIS.

Forbes billionaire George Soros’ concern for the European Union extends much further than this article. Soros has donated large sums of money to institutes in Europe that are undergoing revolutions on the social sciences. He is trying to encourage the creation of new ideas that will help create more open societies that have more transparent governments who offer more human rights to their citizens. Soros believes the European Union exemplifies this idea.

George Soros founded the charity the Open Society Foundations. It now operates in more than 100 countries, defending innocent people, helping to lessen corruption and fighting for human rights. Soros has a passion for doing this because of his background. He was born as a jew to a Nazi occupied country. His family had to hide their identities during this period and when World War II ended, the communists came.

Soros fled in 1947. He went to London and attended the London School of Economics. For the next few decades he worked in London and then New York as an investor. Soros made billions of dollars. He also made billions of dollars for his clients. He is well know for betting against the British Pound and winning. But after Soros created a net worth of billions of dollars, he decided to follow his life long passion in the philanthropic industry and making the world a better place to live.