Lime Crime Has Some Spring Beauty Tips To Applying Makeup Flawlessly

At last spring is here and the season’s trends are in full swing. You may see them in magazines, clothing stores, TV shows, or even a fashionista friend. It is a time of rebirth and sunshine so bright colors are just what the doctor ordered. If you want to embrace the season then you are in luck. Lime Crime is to the rescue. This amazing cosmetic brand features only the latest trends when it comes to makeup. It is super fun to wear and express your inner spring goddess. This incredible brand is also vegan and cruelty-free for all you animal lovers out there, so you can feel good wearing it. Not everyone is a makeup expert so popular makeup brand is here to help! They have some tips and beauty trends that will you feeling “on fleek.”

Since typical colors of spring are light, vibrant, and includes a lot of pastels, it’s fitting that purple sits in that category. It’s beautiful, dreamy, and sassy. You can use it in so many ways and there is so many shades including deep purple, lavender, plum, and so many more. Lime Crime has released a trio of new products that celebrate the color purple and they are called Venus, Venus 2, and Venus XL. Beautifully packaged with the goddess Venus on the cover, they are irresistible. How could anyone not fall in love with them?

Using eyeliner in makeup routines is a must have these days. It helps define the eyes and makes them pop. It can be challenging to create a straight line so it looks good. Lime Crime suggests getting liquid eyeliner with a superfine tip can help achieve the results you see all the beauty gurus do in their tutorials. Another makeup trend that’s very in right now is highlighter. It helps accentuate your face in all the right places, and puts a beautiful healthy glow in your skin. Once again the successful makeup brand suggest putting highlighter under the eye for a fresh awake look. It also can be placed on the cheekbones, starting from the middle and swiping it up towards the top of your ear.