Matt Landis – an Outstanding Notre Dame Lacrosse Player

matt landis lacrosse
A major reason Notre Dame’s Lacrosse team has been so highly successful is because of Matt Landis. Their star defenseman has won many awards for his outstanding play, both on and off the field. He finished his Junior year with four major honors including: the Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year, Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week, was named to the All-American team, and won the William C. Schmeisser Award Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year.

matt landis lacrosse
The fighting Irish posted a 14-10 win over the Albany Great Danes with a great match-up between Landis and Albany’s star player, Lyle Thompson. Landis performance was a big key in the impressive win. His heavy use of the V-hold, along with his small pushes and body positioning were very successful in the match which caused Thompson to spend too much time dodging the ball.

matt landis lacrosse interview
Landis is a native of Pelham, New York and has done very well in balancing both his academic life and his sporting life. His primary studies are in the field of Finance at the Mendoza College of Business, but he also holds down a part-time job while enjoying golf, skiing, hiking, reading, skeet shooting, and volunteering. In spite of all his interests, he is still a normal All-American guy.

Keith Mann leads Nebraska to FWAA awards nomination

The relationship between football journalists and the schools they write about can often be a difficult one, but Nebraska’s Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations Keith Mann has made sure Nebraska’s football team has a good relationship with journalists. the commitment show by Mann and his media relations team has resulted in the man named as Nebraska’s media relations director in 2004 leading Nebraska to an awards nomination from the Football Writers Association of America, reports.

The FWAA award is presented annually as a sign of recognition for the good work of media relations departments in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision and is this year being contested by eleven schools. Amongst those nominated are Nebraska’s Big Ten rivals Rutgers and the USC Trojans. Keith Mann follows in a strong tradition of Nebraska media relations experts as the school has won the FWAA award on a number of occasions in the past and is rivaling five times winner USC for the top spot again this year.

Keith Mann is now in his second spell with Nebraska University after completing his undergraduate studies at the school he worked as Assistant Sports Information Director at Nebraska from 1998 to 2000 before departing for a media relations role with the University of Tennessee football team. Mann spent one year working with Tennessee before deciding to return to Nebraska and took up a media relations role with the Nebraska Golf Association. Eventually the lure of his Alma Mater was too much and Mann returned to Nebraska to take up the role of Nebraska’s media relations director in 2004 and his current role in 2009.

The role requires Mann to develop a series of strong relationships with media professionals and journalists from across the country as he serves as the first point of contact for media requests about the football program. The FWAA award is designed to honor those media relations professionals who are dedicated to providing the best information available and maintaining strong links with journalists around the country.

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Matt Landis-Star Lacrosse Player for Notre Dame

Just going by the release sent out through PR Newswire, you can tell Matt Landis has had a very good year. The Notre Dame Lacrosse defenseman has racked up four awards this year starting with the Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year award due to his performance against the Albany Great Danes. In the same week, he also had been nominated for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award. He was recently named the Player of the Week by Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine, an honor he has previously received. He has also been named as an All-American player, one of seven from Notre Dame-a record for that university. Lastly, Matt Landis was also named the William C. Schmeisser Award Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year. The USILA presents this award, named after Johns Hopkins University coach and player William C. “Father Bill” Schmeisser, who coached and played at that school in the early 1900’s.

matt landis lacrosse interview

Matt Landis attends Notre Dame, a Catholic university in South Bend, Indiana. He’s a junior studying at the Mendoza College of Business and is one of the strongest players on the lacrosse team.

The Notre Dame Lacrosse program operates under three pillars. These are Character, Culture, and Community. By emphasizing these tenets, the program hopes to enrich the lives of its student athletes to make them better people. Currently, the Lacrosse team is ranked 12th in the nation in caused turnovers (7.71 per game), 18th nationally in scoring defense (9.21 goals allowed). The defense of the Lacrosse team is ranked 9th in the US in ground balls (32.57 per game). The work of Matt Landis has helped to place his team as the number one seed at the ACC championship.

Watch out for Matt Landis in NCAA Lacrosse Final Four!

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Did you catch the NCAA Lacrosse Quarter Finals? If you didn’t, you really missed an amazing game. Hard-charging and exciting, this game was one for the 2015 record books. Viewers weren’t so sure the Notre Dame Fighting Irish could hold off the University of Albany’s Great Danes, but they did – ending Albany’s chances at advancement for a second year in a row.

How did they do it? It wouldn’t have been possible without star player Matt Landis, who fought to the end against Albany’s Lyle Thompson. Thompson had a goal and four assists in the quarterfinal game – the last of his college career. It wouldn’t have been possible without Matt Landis, Notre Dame’s coach Kevin Corrigan said according to Inside Lacrosse. It was Landis who guarded Thompson as well as one can and he was awarded Epoch/LM Player of the Week for his successful efforts.

matt landis lacrosse

Landis’ performance was strong and physical. Inside Lacrosse notes that Landis made the extra effort to study how Lyle Thompson played, and the result was being able to anticipate some of his moves. Landis really kept after Thompson, which made it hard for Thompson to get a clearing to get through. When you have a great defenseman, you allow your team to rise up behind you. And that truly is the case in this Fighting Irish game.


Now that you’ve gotten a preview of Landis’ performance, it’s time to gear up for the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four. We fully expect Matt Landis to come through, and we look forward to watching him topple another team very soon! Matt Landis will not disappoint with his physical strength and quick thinking on the field — two attributes of a great defenseman!


ACC Defensive player of 2015, Notre Dame’s own Matt Landis.

Matt Landis attends the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. He is an invaluable member of the Note Dame Lacrosse Team with 2 ACC defensive player of the week honors and one of the main factors for their 4-0 regular season leading to a 9-2 overall. Not only has Matt been a starter for the team since his sophomore year he has also played in a total of 44 matches since becoming one of The Fighting Irish. Now he is honored with ACC Defensive Player of the Year.

matt landis lacrosse

This year has been one for the record books, for sure. Matt has started all 11 games this season, caused 7 turnovers and collected 22 ground balls. He has become the leader of the defensive unit that has allowed a spare 9.10 average of goals per game. His defensive technique has been like none other seen on the Lacrosse field. He seems to play with a purpose and on the field, it shows.

Not only did he win the ACC defensive player of the year award he is also up for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award. 5 men and women will be selected for the award and it will be announced today May 7th. Winners will be invited to the 15th annual Tewaaraton Award Ceremony which will be held May 28th in Washington, D.C. at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian. Not only is Matt nominated for the award so are 2 of his teammates. Matt Kavanagh and Sergio Perkovic. Notre Dame is currently the number-one seed at the ACC Championship, even with their number 2 ranking. Matt Landis and The Fighting Irish sure are fighters!

Best of luck to Matt and his team for the Tewaaraton Award. Congratulations Matt Landis for the ACC Defensive player of the year!

NCAA Basketball Season One for the Record Books

Regardless of what the critics and talking heads will say about this past NCAA Men’s basketball season it was definitely one for the history books and for more than the reasons of how great the younger players of the sport have become. First, we could all see the greatness of Kentucky as they made their phenomenal undefeated run through the season and the playoffs. Next to come was the improbable victory of Wisconsin to end that streak and claim their place in the national championship game. Then there was the game of the year…#1 Duke and #1 Wisconsin…the Big Ten and the Atlantic Coast Conference. Fans like Igor Cornelsen know that these two powerhouses met in virtually the midway point of Indianapolis. All that was left was to just play the game.

Critics gave Wisconsin a last minute edge to win the game, but the dynasty that is Duke Basketball would not go quietly into that April night. Both teams shared the lead and went back and forth taking control as ever tick of the clock ticked by. Even the ugly head of referee replay controversy would not stay away from this game. Giving the ball unrightfully to Duke with under two minutes to play. But in the end no matter the controversy, the game and the season belonged to Duke as they claimed their 5th National Title. Even the NCAA enjoyed a great victory as television ratings reached highs not enjoyed for the past 18 years.

Duke Defeats Wisconsin in NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game

In a close and exciting game, Duke was named the winner of the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship defeating Wisconsin 68-63. The Duke victory was Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s fifth national title. Students on Duke’s campus in Durham, North Carolina celebrated the team’s victory with a giant bonfire. The crowd was rather calm, considering the men’s basketball teams most recent victory.


Fans such as Sam Tabar know that there were plenty of notable fans in the crowd, too. J.J. Watt, former University of Wisconsin football player was in the house with tennis Pro Caroline Wozniacki. Both cheering on the Badger’s from the stands. Watt is now a defensive end for the Houston Texans. Another noticeable face in the crowd is Apple CEO, Tim Cook. As a Duke Alum himself, Cook was there to cheer on his Alma matter and took a few selfies with some very excited Duke students.


The game was exhilarating and truly came down to the wire. Wisconsin was ranked as the no. 1 seed in the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Wisconsin showed their love and heart for the game during the first half as they lead Duke 31-29. Thanks to the Badger’s Sam Dekker and Blue Devils Grayson Allen, the second half of basketball was nail biting.


Ultimately, Wisconsin fell to Duke at the games end. It was a great season for both Wisconsin and Duke.


Matt Landis, the Passionate Lacrosse Player

matt landis sports headshot

Lacrosse player, Matt Landis is best known for his career in Notre Dame University. In high school, he also played football and hockey. In 2012, he won the Russ Simons Sportsmanship Award and was named Pelham Memorial Athlete of the Year. In 2010, he accepted a scholarship to Notre Dame University. He is especially known for his talent with one-on-one coverage and on-ball coverage. During an interview with LaxLessons, Landis commented that it took some practice for him to get used to covering the ball from both his left and right side.

Landis excelled in sports from the time he was a small child. While attending high school at Pelham Memorial High, Landis was very active not only in sports but also in volunteering and academics. During his senior season, he earned all-state honors and played All-Section for Westchester Abbey during his junior and senior years. However, his school teams were not the only lacrosse teams that he was active on.

matt landis lacrosse interview

He also played for Roy Colsey’s Superstar and the Empire games. He later chose to play for Notre Dame over Johns Hopkins and the Univesities of Massachussetts, Brown and Colgate. The Navy also offered him an opportunity to play for them and he also chose Notre Dame over them. When he was asked why in the LaxLessons interviewed, he replied that it was because he liked the combination of the family-like atmosphere and that all of Notre Dame’s athletics are held to only the highest Division I standards.

During his freshman year, Landis ranked #66 on the Inside Lacrosse “Power Lacrosse Freshman” list and as 18th best defenseman.

Landis has proven to be an example for not just all other athletes out there but also for other kids overall. From childhood, Landis knew what his passions were and never looked back. Landis is also very positive and seems to focus only on what’s available to him rather than on what isn’t. Landis is an example of never giving up on your passions and pursuing them to the maximum extent.


Duke Makes Late Charge Over UNC

The all-time series is pretty even between Duke and UNC. They have met a million times, and they have almost split the series down the middle. They have also met many times when they were both ranked. These matchups turn out to be some of the best of the year, and this was no exception. Duke is moving toward a good seed in the tournament, and UNC is struggling. They are still fighting off the effects of an investigation that could be quite damaging to their reputation.

However, these two teams are always up for it when they meet. This is yet another meeting where it was close until the final two minutes. In today’s game, Duke simply has more talent than UNC. Roy Williams needs more talent to get by, and he simply does not have it right now. Fans at Rocketfuel know that lack of talent is what is hurting UNC, and that lack of talent allowed Duke to slip past UNC last night.

This is an all-time rivalry, and it is one that is so heated that we never take our eyes off it. Congratulations to Duke for clearly having the upper hand this year, and let’s see where this will take them.

Kentucky Unbeaten?

Kentucky is on the way to having an unbeaten season. However, they are going to have to fight themselves when they are trying to go undefeated. The team is a very good team, and they do have a chance of going unbeaten. They also have NBA talent all over the floor.

However, these are still young college kids that are going to fight their own hype. They are going to have to get out of their own way as they make their way to the tournament. Fans at CipherCloud are aware that once they get into the tourney, they will have to win six games in a row to get to a title. However, those games are going to be against teams that know they are going home if they lose. As the team gets deeper into the tournament, they are going to get the best shot from teams that are very good.

I believe that Kentucky can go undefeated, but I am not going to say that they will do it without any question. Having a clear path to the title is good, but many teams are going to be in the way. Many teams do not take the clear path they are given, and that could be a problem.