A Few Facts About Andy Wirth’s Passion For A Cleaner Source Of Energy

When the Reno City Council voted in unison to drum support for the Clean Power Plan, Andy Wirth was among the first people to applaud the move saying it showed a positive sign that the country and the rest of the world would finally move from coal power that is dirty and start using renewable energy that is free from any impurities. Having voted in support, the council became an important stakeholder in the region and joined many other companies in the private sector.

Andy was optimistic that with the voices having come together and started pressing their utilities, the country would gradually get access to a better energy alternative. He also pressed on the need for the move to be taken without further ado since time was moving fast, and a healthy power alternative was needed. He was happy that with the progress made, all entities in the region would be provided with equal opportunity. He also called on citizens to be demanding more from their elected leaders and not just compliance.

He said that with the right approach and projects, elected officials can provide actual leadership that is devoid of fake promises. He was confident that with such a leadership plan, the economy can be strengthened and the environment taken good care of.

Andy Wirth is the current Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, and has a wealth of experience of not less than 25 years in matters related with managing tourism. He is also an active supporter of community and environmental organizations and commits a lot of his time and money in them.

Andy is a firm believer in seizing opportunities when they come. After being involved in a nearly fatal skiing accident, he recovered and made a resolution to help others who are in need. He founded the Wounded Warrior Support initiative that is aimed at honoring all Navy Seals members after they return home from war. His positive approach to life and handling sensitive matters has also played a very big role in Squaw Valley getting a world-class status after being the leader in overseeing that it was renovated and new equipment bought.

Source: Reno Journal-Gazette

The Amazing Forward Thinking Of Andy Wirth

Our world is a fast paced place where we rarely think of the negative impact that we are having on our planet. We go about our days and we do not stop to think of the changes we are making to our environment. There are individuals out there who really see the impact that we are having on our planet. These are the individuals who will be able to help make some lasting change in our environment. Andy Wirth is an individual who feels as though he can help to make some great change in the environment as well.

In the Reno Gazette-Journal Op-Ed from Andy Wirth there is a lot of information that we can learn about this situation. The Reno City council has opted to support the Clean Power act. This is something that is really moving this community forward. Andy Wirth applauds the Reno City council for making such a forward moving decision to really help the environment. This is a great step towards setting the bar high for other local communities around the nation. Businesses and local governments will learn to work hand in hand to find a great way to use clean power in the future in order to help save the planet.

Andy Wirth is an inspiring individual. He has been able to bring a great deal of success to himself and the industry that he is a part of. For 25 years he has been a high powered professional in the world of hotel and resort management. This is something that has helped to build his name in the community as well. During his time at Steamboat and Squaw Valley, he has helped to push the entire industry forward.

Andy Wirth is also great when it comes to pushing through hardships. This is shown by his intense skydiving accident where his arm was complete severed. After 50 days in the hospital and 23 surgeries Andy’s arm finally started working again. He used this experience to help him grow stronger. He has shared many of his successes with the local community as well through philanthropy.