End Citizens United campaign finance reform.

End Citizens United has been supportive toward the transparency and the integrity of the campaign finance. It was established in early 2015 as committee to check the political actions. End Citizens United achieve its role by looking the impacts of the campaign finance reforms. It is a non-profitable organization and gets funding through donations.

End Citizens United have been in the forefront in bringing to light the candidates, press, voters and elected leaders who use public finance for their interest. The group also reveals political candidates who buy votes so that they can secure positions in the government. Lack of integrity in the campaign finance makes the legal team fill litigation to the court for justice. End Citizens United fights with billionaires who are politicians and bring them to justice due to their rigid political systems. The organization doesn’t give room to candidates who use the money to buy off the election. Moreover, End Citizens United ensures the election and campaign finance team are neutral regardless of the political parties.

The group aims at eradicating the use of unlimited cash in politics and putting to an end the dark money. The goals and the objective of the organization will only work if the citizens elect pro-reform leaders. If the citizens use their constitutional rights to practice the real political power and address the issue of money in politics, the country will be in good shape and, the mission of the End Citizens United will be accomplished.

To overturn Citizens United, the group support campaign finance reforms in all its endeavors. End Citizens United work handily with the Democratic Party and its candidates who are faced with financial attacks from donors and people with their special political interest. Without the help of the End Citizens United who fights for the rights of the citizens, the political leaders can easily be manipulated by the power of money. The group supports Democrats because of their interest in people and their agenda to bring changes to the nation when they are elected. Democrats believe and serve according to the will of the citizens. They dedicate their time and services to their fellow Americans.

It will be fair for the independent voters to support leaders who are committed to reforms just like Republicans. Campaign finance system should not be like a trade it should be from one heart with no strings attached. The organization urges donors to contribute to the nation change but not for their good. End Citizens help in suggesting the flag bearers who have the democratic power to restore and overturn Citizens United. They are collecting funds for 2018 Congressional elections, and they are aiming to raise $ 35 million for the campaigns

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