NGP VAN: The Firm Behind Digital Campaign Fundraising

Political campaigns are not a walk in the park as some outsiders may imagine. The political class have to dig deep to get resources for successful campaigns. Funds drives are normally done at different levels but the generated data can be tedious to work with. A lot of times this has damaging effects on the whole campaign. The campaign manager along with their team have their work cut out whenever an election year approaches.

Competitive campaigns are getting sophisticated by the day and even the lowest positions require large sums for one to be successful. New technology has been sought to adequately manage the complexities that arise from the present day campains. The political world has embraced technology that had been reserved for the financial sector and the fruits are evident.



NGP VAN is leading the way in supplying the necessary technology for campaign teams. It has offered its services to both Progressive and Democratic campaigns. Campaign information can be better handled using the online platform that the firm offers. The dashboards are characterized by graphs that can easily be interpreted and charts for discussing the information with the team.

The firm’s software had a hand in the Obama fundraising as well as campaigns. NGP VAN has incorporated social media platforms to make it possible for individual donors to be part of the funds drive. They do not have to give their whole donations at a go. The technology allows the campaign team to harmonize individual contributions made bit by bit. It also gives them an opportunity to solicit funds from as many sources as possible.




Rather than looking at political donations as charity work, NGP VAN’s technology helps donors give towards political causes as investments. One is given the opportunity to support his own political interests. The initial idea had restricted the heights that campaigns would go to as most donors gave sparingly.


Voters can easily be accessed through a number of networks given that they tend to cluster themselves in groups as the campaigns intesify. The NGP VAN technology also allows the campaign team to inform their donors on the gains they make from the donations. This information is relayed to the donors through the social media platforms. Direct messaging can also be used for this.

Mobile devices are also used to monitor the contributions. This was made possible by the advanced NGP 8 technology that works together with ActBlue. The staff’s security is guaranteed all this time. The information can also be shared widely in a short time. The technology has also made it possible for campaign teams to analyse trends and use this when making their budgets.