Dr. David Samadi – The Innovative Robotic Surgeon

Dr. David Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York. Dr. Samadi is a certified urologist who diagnosis and treats male related cancers like prostate, bladder, kidney, and other urologic diseases. His tool is through robotic machinery which he developed. Dr. Samadi also treats problems that causes incontinence for a better sexual quality of life. He has performed over 800 laparoscopic procedures using his robotic devices, all with a considerable success rate.

He lectures and trains other urologists on the use of robotic surgical systems which he has perfected. During a recent interview with Dr. Samadi, he was asked that if he had to describe what he does for a living, he simply said that he diagnosis and effectively treats prostate cancer through special robotic machinery while preventing several types of risky side effects.

Dr. Samadi was asked what his greatest robotic accomplishment would be. He answered that it was his “SMART,” device which stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. David stated that he created this robotic machinery to more precisely operate without any nerve damage. With SMART, patients do not experience incontinence or other side effects after prostate surgery. Dr. Samadi stated that his robotic devices are not massed produced, instead his patients and peers talk about his robotic work which he says is great free advertisement.

David Samadi has financial advice for people, which is to invest in telemedicine and telesurgery technologies because Internet communications and robots are only going to advance in the coming years. Their innovative inventions are also becoming more cost-effective for medical institutions to purchase and to use for life-saving surgeries worldwide.

A man who travels around the world performing his robotic surgeries doesn’t seem that he has much time for relaxation. When asked what his day is like and how he manages his daily life, Dr. Samadi stated that his most productive time is early in the morning. He takes time to breathe and relax. To help relieve stress, he takes time to play tennis and backgammon. Later in the morning and afternoon when his patients arrive for their medical appointments, Dr. Samadi makes sure that he sits down with them for better communication together.

Dr. David Samadi Social Media: www.instagram.com/drdavidsamadi/?hl=en