Susan McGalla Gives Women the Advantage by Paving the Way

One of the best things that people can hope for is someone that will pave the way for them. Among the people that need the way paved for them is the group of women. For one thing, women have been held down for the longest time. Therefore, it is up to someone to show them how they can be leaders. There is one person that has managed to make it to the top as a woman. She has started off in a time when men have dominated the workforce. She has also worked in companies that catered only to the male customer and has made changes so that they included women. Her name is Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla has made such an impact in the lives of women by being the best leader that she can be. One of the ways that she has been such a good leader is that she has kept everything practical. Instead of focusing on her gender and trying to use it for some kind of gain, she has focused on her work and getting everything done that she has needed to do. It is this focus that has made it so that the companies that she has worked for has gained a lot of revenue and grown as a result.

She also speaks about her example as a leader in the business world. Among the things that she advises women is to not be so caught up in the gender issues. The best thing to do is prove oneself to be capable. Another thing that Susan McGalla suggests to avoid is the entitlement mindset. No one is entitled to anything in the workforce. Everyone has to earn what they want to gain when they are working. People progress in their lives according to how smart and hard they work.