Talk fusion Lands Prestigious Honor

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina has come a long way over the past several years. Reina initially started Talk Fusion in response to a need that he personally had. Reina had been looking around for an email client that would allow him to embed video messages straight into the client. At the time there was nothing on the market that offered Reina what he wanted so he moved on and decided to make it himself. Thus Talk Fusion was born. Now Talk Fusion is grabbing the coveted Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award for 2016 and people couldn’t be happier.

If you haven’t heard of Communications Solutions or their Product of the Year Award let us fill you in on a few of the details. Communications Solutions gives this particular award to products that help really pull together voice, video, and data communications. In particular, Communications Solutions looks for products that have seen a surge in popularity over the previous 12 month period — something Talk Fusion’s ‘VIDEO CHAT’ product definitely can lay claim to.

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is a particularly powerful program that utilizes WebRTC tech. The Video Chat platform allows for face to face communications with people anywhere on the planet with just about any device. This is just the next step in what Talk fusion has always been about: enabling better communication between people. CEO Rich Tehrani called it a “great pleasure to honor the recipients” of the prestigious Product of the Year Award. CEO Bob Reina replied in kind saying that it was “just the beginning” for the company and what they were trying to do. Reina made sure to point out the work of his IT team when he mentioned how the whole company was “staying ahead of the curve”.

Talk Fusion is the world’s largest all in one video marketing solution. Talk Fusion has helped companies and entrepreneurs all over the world connect with their audience base. Now the company is offering a free trial program in order to entice more new clients to come on board. If y our company needs a boost then now could be the time.

Effectiveness Of Reputation Management In Enhancing The Success Of A Business Online

Many individuals and business are clueless when they are faced with issue of dealing with reputation issues, especially online. It is a herculean task for one’s website to be highly ranked on Google search. However, through experts, businesses can find their way to the first page of Google. This way, individuals can convert the huge traffic into sales. In order to enhance website ranking, one can use internal linking through non-rich anchor texts. It is also crucial for companies to have websites that load faster. One should build links to pages at a considerable pace in order to avoid low ranking by Google because of sudden rise in the number of links. This information was originally mentioned on Quick Sprout.

Online reputation management companies services are central to the success of any business. Negative information may result in reduced traffic, thus reducing the profitability margins of a given business. Reputation Management Fixers can help you embrace internal linking through integrating the Webpages. However, in order to succeed in this intricate process, it is important to enlist the services of a reputation expert. One should also use positive links, in order to enhance the status of his or her business as explained in the following link

These experts will make sure that your site’s speed is up to the recommended standards. This way, the speed will facilitate easy navigation by the users. One of the simplest solution is to update your webpage on a regular basis. This will help you create a better user experience, thus making visitors read more and share the content via social media. Increasing your click-through rate is critical since it informs the search engine about the relevance of your listing. This rate can be increased by optimizing the title tag as well as the Meta description. Optimizing your mobile design ensures that your website is compatible with all device type, thus enhancing the odds of keeping your rankings high. Reputation Management Fixers will help you increase your social share since it translates to more traffic. In order to get a free reputation review, you should seek the services of Reputation Management Fixers.

Dick DeVos Gives Back To The Community

Day Two of the 2016 Gold Cup sailing competition in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, presented by the Lauderdale Yacht Club proved to be simply amazing! So competitive was the racing, officials increased the competition with the addition of three more races.

On the day, three races turned everything topsy-turvy as Volpe, captained by philanthropist and entrepreneur Dick DeVos captured the top spot ahead of current world champion and captain of STIG, Alessandro Rombelli. Third place is governed by Pisces captain Ben Schwartz, who took part in an altercation in the fifth race. Fourth and fifth place went to Richard Goransson’s Inga, hailing from Sweden and Rick DeVos, captain of Delta. As competitive as the races were, the newspaper headlines will speak of the influx of junior sailors in this year’s competition that hail from the Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Foundation. A junior sailor was a member of each Melges 32 crew, allowing them to get right into the thick of things and experience the spirit and competitive nature of sailing against the world’s best Grand Prix sailors. Melges 32 Gold Cup Regatta top honors for junior sailors went to Denver Rozzo and Michael Moss 

Windy conditions out on the water impacted the day’s results beginning with the first race, where Captain Rombelli of STIG out maneuvered Dick DeVos with Volpe, for first and Ben Schwarts placed third with Pisces. The most eventful race of the day was Race Four where Team Pisces kept a commanding lead throughout the course and won, in spite of areas where the breeze fizzled to almost non-existence. 

Congratulations to the recent Melges 32 Gold Cup participants and winners—what a thrilling race against incredibly talented sailors!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, February 15, 2016

DeVos has a deep belief in the need for education, as he served on the State Board of Education. Dick established the Education Freedom Fund, a program that provides underprivileged kids in Michigan with scholarships. He also created the West Michigan Aviation Academy, an institution that inspires individuals with an interest in aeronautical science. 

Dick is a renowned businessman and philanthropist. Every place he sets foot in turns to success. A graduate of Northwood University in Michigan, Dick DeVos is an acclaimed and honored National Champion sailor. He has a deep commitment to community initiatives, such as in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His involvement transformed Grand Rapids, into a revitalized community with a new arena, convention center, and hospital.

His career began with his father’s company, Amway which is a multi-level marketing company (Source: He is also known for his great political donations and leanings which you can read more about in the following MLive article.

A Bold Start to Your Day equals Lime Crime

Finding makeup is not a difficult thing to do. Every store you walk into has some sort of makeup, all ranging in price, color, and quality. From drug stores to department stores makeup is pretty much an essential and best seller for most merchants. However, even though you may be able to find makeup anywhere, there is only one place where you can find makeup that is Lime Crime.

Look anywhere and you can find pink, green, purple, or any other color that your heart desires. The Lime Crime on  difference is pinks, greens, purples and any other color you can think of that everyone will remember you wearing. This makeup is not for the shy at heart, although the shy might want to try it to bring out their inner boldness. This is makeup that makes a statement. When you wear Lime crime everyone knows you are present and that is exactly the point.

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime and she runs the business with an independent team of makeup artists in Los Angeles. She has received a lot of negative criticism for her looks and creations, but she has proven her critics wrong when it comes to her ability to be successful. Her makeup and her makeup looks can be seen on models all over the runway and even the rich and famous are starting to see a blossoming trend that they want to be a part of.

One of the best things about Lime Crime is that it is not overly expensive to buy the makeup. When compared to other popular brand, Lime Crime fits right in the same price range. Put the makeup on though, and it is not going to wear off by the end of the day. This is some high quality stuff. Another great thing about the brand is that you can go to the website and browse through all the different looks and the website will show you what to buy in order to create the look that you want. This is genius and is sure to make Lime Crmie even more successful as the company continues to move forward.

All You Need to Know About Investment Banking

A financial institution that assists corporation, governments and individuals in raising financial capital is known as an investment bank. These financial institutions do this by either under writing or acting as the client’s agent when securities are being issued. Sometimes, an investment bank on assists companies which are involved in mergers and acquisitions,and help provide ancillary facilities such as market making,equity securities, trading of derivatives and also FICC services.

Contrary to what commercial banks and retail banks do investment banks are not allowed to take deposits. From the year 1933 up to 1999 the United States decided to maintain separation between investment banking and the other commercial banks. The Other industrialized countries, theG7 included, however, have not seen the need of such a separation.

There are two main lines in business in investment banking. These are known as the sell side and the buy side. The sell side involves trading securities for cash or trading for other securities or even the promotion of securities. The buying side involves provision of advice to institutions or organizations that are concerned with buying investment services. Private equity, life insurance companies, and hedge funds are some of the most common types of buy side entities.

Sometimes, investment bankscan actually be divided into private and public functions. This is done with an information barrier, which usually separates the two to prevent the information from crossing. The private areas of the bank deal with private insider information, which is not supposed to be disclosed to the public, while the public areas, which might include stock analysis are supposed to deal with public information.
For individuals who provide investment banking services in the United States, they must be licensed broker-dealersand should be subject to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Highland Capital Management is a good example of an investment bank. The company mostly specializes in credit investments. Currently, it has a total of about $20 billion assets under its management. The fund also invests small portion of this AUM in equities. This investment company was founded by Jim Dondero, and he is currently serving as the President of the firm.

With more than three decades of experience in the credit markets, James Dondero has done a lot for his firm. His early work with the co-founder Mark Okada in the credit sector is responsible for the pioneered new investment institutions, like the Collateralized Loan Obligation. Previously,before starting Highland, Mr. Dondero was an employee of Protective Life’s GIC this company, he was responsible for raising and managing approximately, $2 billion in assets. James also worked for the American Express, where he used to manage approximately $1 billion in fixed income. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia.