Mike Baur Tips for Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is a business owner who enjoys helping entrepreneurs. He is passionate about providing quality advice to people who want to take their lives to a new level. Over the past few years, he has mentored hundreds of people who have an interest in starting a company.


He is currently the owner of the Swiss Start-Up Factory. This is a class that is designed to teach people the basics of running a company. Many people have graduated from this class and have managed large companies after. Anyone who wants to learn the basics of a new business should consider working with Mike Baur.





One area that Mike Baur teaches business owners about is lending. Some entrepreneurs are not scared of debt. Although it is great to be excited about a business idea, some people borrow too much money. It is never a pleasant thing to have too much debt in a company. High debt levels reduce cash and flexibility in the business. The business environment changes too quickly for a company to be successful with a lot of debt.





Another essential element of business success is marketing. Mike Baur is a huge proponent of online marketing. Not only is online marketing less expensive, but it is also more costly than traditional marketing strategies. Business owners must know their customers before deciding on a particular marketing strategy. Over the past few years, more marketing options have become available. All companies should have a website and a presence on social media. By utilizing the correct marketing methods, business owners can increase sales.



Planning Mike Baur’s Future


Mike Baur is the type of person who is always trying to improve. He wants to help as many new business owners as possible. In the coming years, he firmly believes that his company can become larger than ever before.


Mike Baur is also planning to produce content related to starting a company. He has not decided whether he will focus on writing a book or blogging. With either strategy, he wants to provide plenty of information about starting a successful business.


Robert Ivy: For The Love Of Architecture

Robert Ivy is an architect who is considered to be an icon in the architectural community. He has been the architect of numerous prominent projects and developments throughout the country. He is also the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects and also serves as their Executive Vice President. He has contributed immensely to the organization and has brought to life various ideas which would have otherwise not been possible without his cooperation. As a leader of such an important and prestigious organization, Robert Ivy has inspired new generations of architects, showing them that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

The American Institute of Architects is one of the most prestigious architectural organizations in the entire country. The organization is comprised of architects from different parts of America. The organization has been a support system to numerous architectural endeavors and has played home to ideas and innovations in the industry. The organization first started coming together in 1857 and today is one of the biggest architectural organizations in the entire country. Currently, the American Institute of Architects operates out of the capital city and has tens and thousands of people signed up as members of it.

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Robert Ivy has been one of the driving forces behind the success of the company. He has brought numerous new ideas to the table, formulating them into good plans of action that have worked well for the organization. Robert Ivy has led a brilliant career and has worked with numerous different clients, being the head architect for numerous ventures. When it comes to education, Robert Ivy has plenty. He has a degree in architecture and masters in the same. He attended the Tulane University and then later attended the Sewanee University where he did a course in English Literature. Robert Ivy started working in the field soon after he graduated from college, and made his way up the corporate ladder to ultimately reach the position that he currently is in.

One of the first architectural firms that Robert Ivy worked at was Dean/Dale. This was one of the most well known architectural companies in the entire country, and working here was a big opportunity for him. Working at such a prestigious firm opened up new doors for Robert Ivy, which ultimately led him to the American Institute of Architects. He has received numerous awards for being such an icon in the industry and for being an inspiration to all the architects in the country.

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David McDonald Extending OSI’s Territories

David McDonald is the president and CEO of OSI, a position he assumed in 1987. OSI is a privately owned food processing company with its headquarter in Chicago.

Before this position as the president of OSI, McDonald was a project manager at OSI Industries. He has also served as the chairman of North American Meat Institute. David McDonald graduated with his Bachelors from Iowa State University in 1987, and he immediately started working with OSI Group LLC.

OSI is a food processing company leading globally. After opening its first branch in China Beijing in 1992, the company celebrated its 20 years of existence in 2012. During the Beijing Olympics of 2008, OSI was contracted where it supplied 113 tons of beef, chicken, pork, eggs, and onion. OSI received no complaints whatsoever. The McDonalds and the Olympics committee highly praised the company. This testimony earned OSI a contract to be supplying to other brands such as Starbucks, Papa John’s, Saizeriya, Burger King, and Subway.

OSI is a global company with its presence in United States, Europe, and China. According David McDonald OSI Group. OSI is ranked well worldwide and has a global network of people all over the world. David has ensured sustainability by opening more outlet’s to continue marketing and selling of the products. David further reports that, besides OSI being a global company, they are sensitive to people’s local cultures and tastes.

The headquarters of OSI are in Aurora. The company supplies value-added meat products such as beef, chicken, etc. they have food service retail brands where they sell pizza and sandwiches. The company continues to expand in China unveiling more outlets.

David McDonald reported that OSI had acquired Baho foods, a move whose major reasons was to make OSI have a broader presence in Europe. The CEO reported that their aim was to offer and support customers to realize their strategy and build their portfolio. OSI is known to meet customer’s needs and demands. They have put measures to ensure quality and safety in processing. They also monitor the agricultural products being grown. The company tries to take the customers views and concepts then turning them into products.

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Todd Lubar- Focused on Helping Others

A successful businessman and entrepreneur, Todd Lubar has been impacting the business world for quite some time. A graduate of Syracuse University, Lubar currently serves as the President of TDL Global Ventures. It is at Global Ventures that Lubar leads a very successful team that helps many people, specifically in the mortgage world. Recently, Lubar sat down with Medium to share some insight into his philosophy and what has helped him to become so successful.

Lubar had a unique situation that sparked his interest in the business world. He had spent more than two decades working in the finance and credit world. His biggest passion however was helping people that are attempting to make their home owning dreams come true. Lubar understands that this process is stressful and can have many obstacles. His ultimate goal is simply to provide relief to clients.

Today Todd Lubar is worth a lot of money but his company was not always profitable. In fact it took Lubar and his company several years before they became profitable. Lubar’s philosophy is that the best way to make a profit is by helping people to accomplish their goals. Lubar’s years of experience in finance put together with his knowledge of the real estate world gives him the ability to find people in need, help them and make a profit at the same time.

Lubar also had some interesting advice to give for those entering the housing market. The internet is a huge place and can often discourage potential buyers with the search results it gives. Lubar recommends using more specialized search engines that will exclusively help you find a home. Furthermore Lubar believes in hard work. It is the single most important factor that has influence his success. Todd Lubar has had an impressive career and continues to impact people in a major way. With a focus on helping people he is sure to be heard from for many years to come.

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Roberto Santiago’s Development Of Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a major Brazilian developer who has done quite a lot of work to ensure that all the people of his home state near Maira have better places to live, work and shop. He has developed one of the largest shopping malls in the country, and it is a fantastic place to shop that will bring jobs and commerce to the area. This article explains how Roberto has created a better place for the community to come, and he will continue to push for greater development of the place he loves. Read more on comunique-se.com.

#1: The Mall Itself

The mall is one of the largest structures in the whole state, and it is a place that has been built up to make everyone in the area more comfortable. Anyone who comes to the mall will find many lovely places to shop, and someone who wishes to find a better place to do their business will find it within the mall. The mall will continue to grow as it adds more shops, and it will give the state a high profile that will be used to gain more commerce in the future.

#2: Adding Jobs

Jobs that are brought to the area are quite important for everyone who has moved into he area, and someone who is new to the area must ensure that they have applied in one of the many stores in and around the mall. There are many businesses that have been brought to the area because of the mall, and Roberto Santiago uses his myriad of contacts to ensure that there are many new partners moving into the area. Industrial, commercial and retail businesses will move into the area, and the mall itself will continue to grow because there are so many companies who are coming to the area.

#3: Why Does Roberto Develop?

Roberto plans to develop much of Brazil because he knows that it will bring people to the country that have never been before. He wants them to see a new side of the country, and he wants them to have an experience in the country that is quite modern. The Olympics and World Cup have brought quite a lot of business to the country, and Roberto knows that he may expand on that many times over.

Anyone who is searching for a better job, place to live or work may find that the mall that Roberto Santiago has built in Manaira will serve them quite well. The mall is a place that will host quite a lot of people every day, and it will be the commercial hub of the state. Roberto has built this place because it is a find way to improve his home state. Visit his profile page on Facebook.

Secret Into Healthy Hair!

Thinking about shaving your head and starting new? Put the clippers down! There is a cure it’s Wen Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean. Cleansing conditioners are important for your hair because it gives your hair a break from the shampooing and all of the other countless products you use.

Chaz Dean created an all natural cleansing conditioner called Wen that will blow your mind! Let’s talk about whats in it? Grab your shampoo and conditioner from your shower and read the ingredients in them. Do you know what they are? Can you pronounce them? Then why put it in your hair?! In Wen Cleansing Conditioner there are a few ingredients that turn your hair from dull to fabulous that are all natural. Glycerin in the product will introduce moister and your hair, don’t say thank you yet its not done! Panthenol will help strengthen your hair, seal your moister and while it’s at it, reduce your split ends. Last ingredient in the product are botanical extracts which will add that shine of the sun and the softness to your hair.

Do you dye your hair often and can’t seem to keep your favorite color over time? Wen Cleansing Conditioner has color retention properties that keep your color in your hair and restore health after using harsh chemicals at the salon. When used daily, Wen also helps cut back on heat damage if you love to straighten and curl your hair. The best part about Wen Hair is its only one step and it cuts back on all of the other products you put in your hair because it acts not only as a conditioner but as a shampoo, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner and detangler. Wen by Chaz Dean helps your hair so much, you can call that a “Wen”-win situation!

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Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH Group, Wins Prestigious Award For Excellence

2017 is turning out to be a beautiful year for Troy McQuagge as he was named the CEO of the Year in early January. The award was given to him as part of the One Planet Awards ceremony, which gives awards to people who have shown a great deal of skill and success in a variety of different sectors. The One Planet Awards are some of the most prestigious awards in business, and attaining one of these awards sets in stone, the excellence and commitment one has to their respective fields. These awards are given to people in a range of sectors, panning over public and private companies. They also offer awards to individuals who have done a considerable amount of philanthropy and have contributed to society through the NGO’s that they work for.

Troy McQuagge is a man who has been able to lead his company with the utmost efficiency. He joined USHEALTH group in 2010 and since then has taken the company to new heights, making it one of the leading health insurance businesses in the entire country, and one that has carved a place for itself in the global scene as well. Troy McQuagge’s contribution to his company has been extremely significant, as he altered the company from its very core, to make it the success it is today. Because of the enormous contribution that Troy made to the company, the board of directors saw him be one of the most suitable candidates for the role of CEO of the entire company. In 2014, Troy was given that position and since then, has made USHEALTH group a market leader. Under his guidance and leadership, the company has grown significantly, doubling their profits as compared to previous years.

Troy McQuagge was ecstatic when he received this award from such a prestigious institution. He saw it as an honor to be seen by learned people in the industry as someone who holds significance in the success of the company. But even though the award was all about Troy himself, he did not forget to mention the hard working employees at USHEALTH Group. In his acceptance speech at the awards ceremony, he said that the award he received belonged to all the staff of his company who work hard to make it a success.Read full article: Click here

Nobody Parties Harder than A Magnises Member

Magnises is quickly becoming the most popular private club for ambitious millennials. Members of this exclusive club get premier access to the hottest venues in two of the East Coast’s most prosperous cities.

People who join Magnises get a special black card, which was inspired by the famous American Express black card. This Magnises black card is not a tied to any bank or financial institution, but a member can use this card in lieu of his/her “official” credit or debit card.

Everyone’s tastes will be satisfied with Magnises membership. That’s because Magnises offers such a wide variety of events to their members. Whether a person is into sports, theatre, concerts, night clubs, or even just making professional contacts, Magnises promises to help every member get to where he/she wants to go.

Just a few examples of Magnises’ most recent event deals include discounted orchestra-level seats to the popular Broadway musical Hamilton, and discounted tickets to the fall Cowboys at Giants game.

Magnises members also get access to the Magnises concierge app called “Magnises NOW.” This app tells users all about special experiences and meet-ups in either New York City or Washington D.C. Magnises executives describe this app as a member’s “personal concierge.”

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An invite-only black card for millennials

Magnises was founded by the ambitious entrepreneur Billy McFarland. Born in NYC in 1991, McFarland was already building businesses online at the age of 13. Although he attended Bucknell University for one school year, he quickly left after founding the successful startup Spling. McFarland’s Spling, which helps companies change the appearance of their URLs, has many big name clients. Just a few of Spling’s customers include NBCUniversal and Discovery. MacFarland still serves as the CEO of Spling.

McFarland founded Magnises in 2013 with the hopes of creating a vibrant community of professionals in some of the world’s most dynamic cities. As of 2015, McFarland has been able to raise $3 million from Magnises’ 10,000-plus members.

Most of the people who are members of Magnises are aged between 20-30. Many are involved in some professional industry, including finance, tech, media, or fashion. Although Magnises was designed to help members get access to exclusive events in two of America’s most prestigious cities, it has also become one of the best ways for millennials to network with people higher up in various industries.

Magnises is now working on a few new “lifestyle perks.” One of these perks is called ClubPass. As the name suggests, people who purchase ClubPass membership will be able to gain access to every single NYC club. ClubPass membership costs $65 a month.

Another new feature Magnises just introduced is called HotelPass. This perk was made to help users get a room at some of NYC’s most exclusive hotels for a fraction of the cost.

Members of Magnises currently pay $257.55 each year for their membership. The team at Magnises is working hard to expand their city list in the next few years. Some other cities that might soon be included on Magnises’ list include London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and Atlanta.

Learn more about Magnises: https://www.magnises.com/

IAP Worldwide Is A Leading Logistics Provider

The logistics industry has continued to grow over many years, and today IAP Worldwide has earned a name for itself as being one of the best logistic support companies in the world. Not only this, but the company offers many different services today to many different individuals and companies all over the world. They are capable of this with their employee pool of more than 2,000 that is spread out internationally.

Ingenuity and Purpose has their headquarters out in Cape Canaveral, Florida, but they also have business locations located in the Middle East, Panama, and the UK. Today, IAP Worldwide spreads out it services to more than 25 different countries in hundreds of different locations. For more than 60 years, IAP Worldwide has been in business and growing, and work to meet the needs of both the private and public sectors. They are known as one of the most reliable and professional companies that always exceeds expectations.

IAP Worldwide, through its predecessors, started up back in 1953, and has been offering logistics support ever since. Over time, the services provided by the company continued to grow, especially as they acquired new companies on Hoovers. It was in the 1990’s that the company started working on energy efficiency problems for different facilities. IAP has successfully become a procurement and highly specialized logistics company.

The company has also partnered up and collaborated with a large number of other recognized companies on iapws.com in order to spread its awareness and grow its base of clients. The biggest concern for the company is providing the best solutions and services to their clients and completing their objectives. The company always thoroughly goes through every situation to provide a solution that is optimal and efficient.

IAP Worldwide Services has been offering the most reliable and safe solutions for their clients for a long time now, with the highest standards both morally and professionally. Since first opening their doors, IAP Worldwide has acquired several companies as well, such as DRS Technologies and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions, with the intentions of increasing their available services and the quality of their services offered on clearancejobs.com.

Why CEO Andy Wirth is so Passionate

If you were to spend just a short time with CEO Andy Wirth of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, the you would discover that he is very passionate about the mountain, the ski resort and what the future holds for the entire region.

In fact, he is so passionate about the future of Squaw Valley that you would soon get excited too. He foresees a better way of life for the people of the valley. His recent appointment to the airport board shows that others are catching his vision for the area. In order to make his dreams for the area a reality, he has recently increased the pay for those working under him and instituted numerous changes at the ski resorts allowing others to share his passion for the mountain.

Andy’s passion is also seen in the respect that he pays to the mountain. He first traveled the mountain as a young child skiing and hiking alongside his grandfather. From that tender age, he understood that if he took care of the mountain that it would provide his livelihood and the livelihood of many other people. Therefore, before he makes any decision, he considers the environmental impact that his decision will have on the mountain.

Some people misread Andy’s passion. He is so determined to make the changes necessary to bring a better life to the people of the area. For example, he is very determined to see the gondola built connecting Alpine Valley and Squaw Valley because he knows that it will benefit everyone involved. He is also determined that those less fortunate than himself enjoy a better quality of life. It is because of that determination that he survived the skydiving accident that almost took his life. It is also that determination that sees him holding numerous events at Squaw Valley for the disabled. It is that determination that allowed him to be named Disabled Athlete of the Year. It is the same determination that keeps him training hard for ironmen contests.

Andy Wirth comes across to others as being single-minded and he admits that they might be right. His passion lies in doing all within his ability to protect and improve a way of mountain life that very few other people get to enjoy. He is passionate about sharing his hopes and dreams with all who come across his path.