Yeonmi Park Releases New Book, Engages in War of Words with Pyongyang

North Korea is one of the greatest wildcards that the current world is facing. Their government has proven time and again to be run by a regime that cares for little more than its own self, even putting their own country’s residents at a disadvantage. The truth is that North Korea is something seemingly pulled from a dystopian novel. The people are impoverished, hungry, and absolutely dragged down by a government regime that has distaste for them. These people are essentially prisoners so when one of them manages to escape and is willing to speak out against Pyongyang and the regime, that is certainly newsworthy. That is why Yeonmi Park has reached the center of the spotlight, according to a report by
Yeonmi, at first glance, looks like she could blow away in a strong breeze. Park is a small woman with doll like features, wide eyes, and a voice so soft as to require you to strain in order to hear it. Despite this rather fragile appearance she possesses the sort of steel in her resolve that few human beings will ever have. At just the age of 13 she was forced to flee North Korea after her father had been thrown into a labor camp. She was summarily sold into the world of human trafficking by a man who had promised to help her, and her mother, escape. For the following years she would be little more than an indentured servant on the best of days and a reviled slave on the worst of them. You can read her story, in depth, and how she overcame these horrors in her Amazon best-selling autobiography, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”.

Perhaps as inspiring as her journey is the depth of effort that the North Korean government is going through in order to disprove it. Pyongyang has released a litany of documents and videos that try to paint Park as unreliable and a ‘celebrity defector’. These are the real thoughts of a government that is so completely against their people that they would need to smear a survivor just to keep the other oppressed citizens at bay.